Le Grand Wedding + Z Wedding D’Sign Couture Runway 2014

Le Grand Wedding and Z Wedding D’Sign have proven once again why they’re the top couture bridal shops in the country. Showcasing two entirely new collections, the event featured marvellous wedding gowns and evening dresses that brides-to-be would sure love to wear for a 2015 wedding.

Set at the magnificent Chijmes Hall on 28 August, the highly anticipated Couture Runway Show was a blast, with attendees – including celebrity guests Tracy Lee, Chris Tong, and Zen Chong – treated to an array of stunning wedding gowns. The event was held in partnership with the bridal shops’ long-time partner, Chris Ling Intl. Photographers.


As promised, Le Grand Wedding and Z Wedding D’Sign unveiled their latest creations – the Heritage Collection and the Nautical Collection, respectively – to great praises. The new designs excellently follow up on their Spring/Summer 2014 collections: we see an extension in the use of dramatic colours, floral prints, and intricate details, but there is also a noticeable shift to more modern bodices, dynamic skirts, and an emphasis on folds and strong lines.

The first set of the night featured Le Grand Wedding’s Heritage Collection, which takes inspiration from traditional Oriental designs refashioned with choice multi-layered details that beautifully give the gowns more dimension. The Collection has a balance of light and brightly coloured gowns, with the bright gowns featuring a daring mix of deep blues, fuchsia, and Mandarin red, while the lighter gowns are in blush or crème-white with streaks of nude colours.

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Blogger Sherlyn Chan shares her admiration for the collection, saying: “It embodies a lot of women’s femininity and the romanticism of bridal wear,” adding that the consistent use of tulle is “so beautiful, so ethereal and very dreamy and enchanting.”

While it’s hard to choose a favourite from the selection (we’re tempted to say they’re all equally beautiful), one of the gowns that clearly commanded attention was the Orient-Western fusion A-line wedding dress with small blue floral prints on the peplum top and underskirt, softened by a layer of tulle.

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Le Grand Wedding’s continued use of printed floral details and geometric patterns remains a refreshing take on the typically monochromatic wedding gown. One interesting innovation about the new designs is that some gowns also feature well-placed pockets, perhaps a testament to the importance of smartphones in our modern lives.

On the next set, it was Z Wedding’s time to shine – but they didn’t just shine, they dazzled. The Nautical Collection is divided between the more traditional white wedding gowns and gowns featuring a marine palette, with both sets showing the designers’ love of the sea and the ocean beyond.

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The white gowns largely featured sweetheart necklines (in various styles) and expansive skirts layered with gentle lines and wavy ruffles. During the show, the theme, the expert craftsmanship, and the sheer beauty of the gowns all combine to remind us of Botticelli’s classic painting The Birth of Venus.

Meanwhile, the coloured wedding gowns are truly mesmerizing. With such majestic gowns in various shades of blue, amazing use of peplums and pleats, and ravishing tulle skirts, it takes no effort to imagine the models strutting the runway to be goddesses of the ocean.

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The Collection’s pièce de résistance is its final gown – a white mermaid dress whose simple form is a stark departure from the previous designs. (Notably, it was also the only design that came with a veil.) The streamlined silhouette and soft folded detail on the hips and knees – reminiscent of Disney’s Little Mermaid – prove that Z Wedding is a master of both minimalist and maximalist design.

Xavier Mah, founder of XALF Design, expresses that both collections are fabulous. He says, “I believe Le Grand [and] Z Wedding can go very, very far. [Their designs] can even go to New York, go to London. … I can see very big changes from the past collections and this collection.”


With the success of the Couture Runway Show, Le Grand Wedding and Z Wedding D’Sign raises the bar of couture bridal wear and proves that Singapore brides can don high-fashion designer gowns without leaving the country. Better yet, both bridal houses offer custom-made gowns so brides have the option to use their professional designs, customized to each bride’s exact taste.

Photos courtesy of Chris Ling International Photographers

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