Lee Tiang & Jason – A Display of Love in a Beautiful Summer Wedding

Lim Lee Tiang, Event Services Manager
Jason Guan, Promotions Manager

Lee Tiang and Jason exchanged vows on 25 May 2013

Lee Tiang and Jason

Matchmaker Sister

Lee Tiang and Jason have long known each other since Jason’s sister was a friend and former classmate of Lee Tiang. Since they were teens, the sister would hold an annual CNY party at their home where Lee Tiang and Jason would bump into each other. As both of them were attached to other people, they never got past being just acquaintances. But then on another party thrown by Jason’s sister, the two met again. This time, they were both single, and after the sister hooked them up, Jason and Lee Tiang found that they were what each other have been searching for all along.

Three years after the fortunate party that brought them together, Jason and Lee Tiang were visiting Hong Kong and Macau to attend the wedding of a friend. They were traveling at night and Lee Tiang was captivated by the scenery when something caught her eye. What she initially thought were road signs was actually a series of picture of Jason – prepared with the help of a friend – holding letters that spelled W-I-L-L Y-O-U M-A-R-R-Y M-E-? When Lee Tiang realized the message was for her, Jason knelt on one knee and presented her a ring.

Lee Tiang and Jason

Photos with Style and Depth

“We wanted something simple and classy that shows the happiness that we share with each other,” Lee Tiang says about their pre-wedding photos. “We didn’t want a storyline or anything cute and fanciful.”

To achieve that effect, they hired Chris Ling Photographers and had their first indoor shoot at their studio. They then shot at three outdoor locations: the National Museum of Singapore, Punggol Beach and the Seletar Reservoir. It was at the reservoir that the couple captured the perfect photo: a panoramic shot of the couple posed under a single large, majestic tree with nothing but blue sky in the background. It has a quiet, romantic beauty that the couple loved so much that they used it as the for their wedding invitation cards.

Departing from Convention

When asked what was special about their wedding, Lee Tiang says it was that they did not follow popular wedding convention: no ballrooms, no standard hotel invitation cards and no standard march-in, speech and dining sequence. Firstly, the couple chose an outdoor venue so that their guests can feel more relaxed and mingle freely. The couple DIY-ed some aspects of the wedding party to make more fun and personal.

Their plan worked well and the whole program was permeated with a beautiful ambiance – thanks, in part, to a cool night and a full moon – that made the whole occasion magical. Lee Tiang says that a lot of their guests thought that the wedding was a dream come true.

A Special Kind of Wedding

What truly sets Jason and Lee Tiang’s wedding apart from others was that it was a celebration for everyone and not just about them. “We told ourselves that we need to be having fun with the guests rather than have them just watch us walk in and out,” Lee Tiang says.

The venue, the Diamond Site at the Rasa Sentosa Resort & Spa, was a perfect setting for the wedding they had in mind. It made for a light, casual atmosphere that did not take out the solemnity of the event. The couple, with the help of their friends, made the wedding even more special by putting personal touches on their decoration and accessories.

Apart from their custom-made invitation cards, the other unique features in the wedding were the customized wedding favors (badges with LED candle lights that the couple got overseas), their A1 size photos on easel stands (which was displayed in lieu of the typical wedding album), and the releasing of dozens of balloons that signaled the formal start of Jason and Lee Tiang’s marriage. Entertainment was provided by an acoustic band that played through the lovely summer evening. During the program, the groom received a surprise video from the bride, and Lee Tiang, in turn, was given a surprise video as an initiative from her best friend, Stephanie with the help of her other girlfriends, including her new sister-in-law.

“A lot of us shed tears of joy that night,” Lee Tiang says, “It was such a beautiful occasion.”

Bridal Gown and Groom’s Suit: Le Grand Wedding
Photographer: Jeffrey from Chris Ling Studio
Videographer: MojoIdeas
Make-up Artist (pre-wedding): Lenience
Make-up Artist (wedding day): Jacintha from Le Grand Wedding
Venue & Decor: Diamond Site at Shangri-La’s Rasa Sentosa Resort & Spa + DIY
Balloons: Inflate – The Balloon Company
Wedding Entertainment: Phoebee Ong & Team

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