Legends: Bridal & Evening Collection 2015 by La Belle Couture

In the world of fashion, few are as venerated or has as much lasting influence as the inspirations of La Belle Couture’s Legends Collection: Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly and Cinderella. Capturing both the dramatic flairs and subtle stylish nuances that make these women the fashion icons that they are today, La Belle Couture has crafted a series of gowns that would make any bride look ravishing and carry on the magnificence and plein de vie spirit of these exemplary trendsetters.


Whether it was a conscious decision or not, La Belle’s choice of muses is notable for two things. Firstly, all three rose to prominence during the Golden Age of Hollywood (while Cinderella is a classic fairy tale, it was Walt Disney’s 1950 film that brought her to universal public consciousness, in which she remains til now) — and indeed we see in La Belle’s gown designs the characteristic timeless look of that era’s fashion.


Secondly, they are all princesses: Audrey Hepburn was the princess of the silver screen, Grace Kelly was the real-life Princess of Monaco, and Cinderella, of course, was married happily-ever-after to Prince Charming. In fact, with the dominance of the ball gown silhouette and extravagant details in the collection, this collection could very well be titled Royalties, but we opine too much. So with no further ado, here are La Belle’s wonderful bridal and evening gowns:


Audrey Hepburn

For the Audrey Hepburn series, La Belle chose restrained silhouettes, preferring the sleek lines of the A-line and fit-and-flare dresses over that of the ball gown. The first three gowns are in shimmering white with prominent jewel accents, invoking Hepburn’s own favor for Tiffany jewelries. The simplicity of the designs echoes the actress’s effortless fashion sense that is nevertheless stylish and chic.


In the next set are three gowns that are most distinguishable for their black lace patterns: the first dress features a subdued princess silhouette with a sweetheart, off-shoulder neckline and stark black appliqués; the second features a trumpet silhouette with an illusion neckline and peplum bodice with black embroidery on the trims; while the last dress on the set (our own favorite for having the most debutante flair) is an A-line dress with a tea-length skirt and a bodice designed throughout with black appliqués, embroidery and assorted crystals. Plain black belts and evening gloves complete the Holly Golightly look of these striking ensembles.


Accompanying piece: The suit for this set is an unadorned black tie tuxedo with a shawl lapel and a simple bow tie.


Grace Kelly

Like the previous series, the Grace Kelly gowns are divided into sets based on colors, this time white and coral red. Illustrating the regal elegance of the Monacan Princess, the dresses feature ornately designed bodices with form-fitting silhouettes.


The most outstanding design for this set — and possibly the whole collection — is the off-shoulder mermaid dress with embroidered bodice and long sleeves, which looks like a version of the dress Kelly wore on her royal wedding in 1956. (We’d like to take this time to praise La Belle in their choice of models, who not only resemble Kelly’s beauty but were also excellent at carrying her stately pose.)


While having different silhouettes, the red gowns actually look like variations of the same dress with similar elements running through the set: each has a multifaceted look achieved through the combination of crystal appliqués and layered tulle skirts on a warm color motif.


Accompanying piece: For this set, La Belle gave their groom’s outfit a Mediterranean palette: an ash grey 3-piece suit and brown leather shoes matched with a black tie and pronounced buttons.



Cinderella is the archetypal princess and, thanks to Walt Disney, she also has the most distinctive dress. No wonder she’s La Belle’s final choice of inspiration for their Legends Collection.


There’s a fair mix of white and colored gowns in this series. Expectedly, all the dresses feature sweetheart necklines and the distinctive skirt of ball gowns. However, instead of the iconic side flaps and puffed sleeves, La Belle employed other designs like off-shoulder sleeves, ribbon belts and appliqués.


The most prominent designs in the series are two dresses in pastel blue (reminiscent of Cinderella’s costume in the recent live action adaptation by Kenneth Branagh): the first features a bateau illusion neckline with a corseted back, while the second is a ballerina gown matched with crystal-studded high heels.


Accompanying piece: This series features the most styled up outfit for the groom: a royal blue tuxedo with a slim fit, adorned with decorative buttons and badge accessories.


The Legends Collection was a feature part of the Dream Weddings Show held at the Mandarin Orchard Singapore Grand Ballroom on 11 October 2015. The show also featured musical performances, as well as wedding set designs and banquet arrangement by Mandarin Orchard.

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