Lisa & Keith – Love Across the Distance

Lisa’s and Keith’s love story is like a plot from a romance novel. It began with a chance meeting during the summer holidays, but despite being very happy together, their budding relationship was put to the test when Lisa returned to Melbourne. Then against all odds, they survived a tumultuous 8-year long-distance relationship, and they finally tied the knot in February.

Keith and Lisa after the Gate-Crash Ceremony.
Photo by Chris Ling Photography

The Couple

Lisa Lim and Keith Koh

Date of Wedding

7 February 2015


When Boy Meets Girl

Keith and Lisa attended the same junior college, but the two didn’t meet till much later, when they attended a friend’s birthday party. At that time, Lisa was studying in Melbourne and Keith was serving National Service (NS).

Even though his initial search on Friendster was unsuccessful, he managed to get her number from another mutual friend, and their relationship took off! They enjoyed a happy few dates together, but before long, Lisa went back to Melbourne. That was the start of their 8-year long-distance relationship.

“When she completed her studies in Melbourne, I left for overseas to Adelaide to pursue my medical degree. This was the beginning of a difficult 8-year long long-distance relationship,” admitted Keith, while reflecting on their relationship.

Both worked hard to bridge the distance between them, and after going through thick and thin, Lisa and Keith savored their sweet success, as their budding ‘summer’ love blossomed.

A Glimpse of the Couple’s Pre-wedding Photos.
Photo by Chris Ling Photography


Love at the End of the Maze

Keith planned to propose to Lisa at the heart of the Mintaro Maze when she visited him in 2013.

“I booked out the maze so that there wouldn’t be anyone else there, and had my friends help me set up collages of photos – one collage for each year that we have been together,” stated Keith.

The collages lined the path leading towards the center where a sumptuous afternoon tea awaited. The plan was for them to walk hand-in-hand and discover a new collage at every turn before Keith surprised Lisa at the end. Everything was looking great until Mother Nature sent a heavy downpour their way.

“There was a heavy downpour that day,” Keith said, as he remembered how his friends rose to the occasion, “And my friends had to shift the entire set up indoors. It was still equally surprising.”

Following a fun-filled session in the maze after the rain stopped, Keith popped the question. Lisa – unable to resist the luscious cakes in front of her – immediately said yes!

kl-3b  kl-3c
Scenes from the Ceremony at CHIJMES
Photo by Chris Ling Photography


Embarking on a New Journey Together

Their pre-wedding photoshoot was (thankfully) a lot less wet. In fact, it was an almost perfect day, being hot and slightly humid.

“I thought the weather was perfect for an outdoor photoshoot,” Keith recalled. “We started in the indoor studio, which was comfortable and easy.”

Guided by a professional and experienced photographer, Keith and Lisa had very enjoyable photoshoot, even though it was a little tiring.

kl-4a  kl-4b
Signing the Guestbook at Mandarin Oriental
Photo by Chris Ling Photography

They Got Married

The day began as early as 6 a.m. for Keith, but Lisa and her bridesmaids were up even earlier. With the best man only touching down at Changi Airport at that time, Keith and the rest of his groomsmen gamely went ahead without him. They arrived at Lisa’s place an hour later for the gate-crash ceremony.

The triumphant groom then proceeded to CHIJMES Hall for solemnization. Being the ever-romantic at heart, Keith couldn’t resist giving Lisa one more surprise; he sang Jason Marz’s “Love Someone” as his blushing bride walked down the aisle.

He was nervous, of course, but that moment remained one of the highlights for them. “Being able to sing my bride down the aisle was also a special moment for Lisa and I. It was a nerve-wrecking experience, but was all worth it.”

The March-in during the Reception at Mandarin Oriental
Photo by Chris Ling Photography

The lunch reception featured a wonderful dessert spread from “Cupplets” and coffee from “Olla Coffee”, while their dinner was held at Mandarin Oriental. However, as they preferred a smaller and more intimate reception, the couple decided to split their guests into two groups – lunch (CHIJMES) and dinner (Mandarin Oriental). They were very pleased to learn everything turned even better than expected!

Keith said proudly. “It was overall an unforgettable experience, and I still look at the pictures and videos, trying to re-live the experience again.”

Photographer: Max Yeo, Chris Ling Photography
Videographer: Max Yeo, Chris Ling Photography
Suit: Bulli and Sons
Make up Artist: Make up room
Venue: Chijmes / Mandarin Oriental Hotel

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