Looking Slim in Your Wedding Dress without the Fuss (part 1)

There is no need to worry about looking slimmer in your wedding dress. With the following tips you can easily achieve a leaner fit.


1. Know your body type – This is an important initial step to looking perfect in the right dress. Before choosing a style, know if it is flattering to your shape. Find out whether your shape is a triangle that is with prominent hips or an inverted triangle with broad shoulders. You may have a long torso with barely any waist which makes you a rectangle. But if you’re top heavy you are said to have the apple shape. While if you’re curvy and bottom heavy then you are pear shaped.

2. Find the right designer – Once you’ve identified your shape, consult with a designer the suited style for your shape. If you have a ready-made dress or you would like to wear your mother’s dress, hire a seamstress to tailor fit it for you while preserving the best features of the dress. Leslie DeAngelo, Co-owner of VOWS Bridal Outlet, gives importance to good alterations for a dress to look like it was made for you and no one else. An A-line skirt complements any figure. Same with an empire cut that is fitted in the bust with flowing fabric all the way down or what DeAngelo calls as a dress with “fit and flair.”


3. Go for pattern and texture – A dress with subtle vertical lines is very slimming. It also lengthens your body. This pattern may be created by adding texture to the fabric of the dress through beading, embroidery, and use of appliqués. DeAngelo suggests wearing a silk belt or sparkly sash to accentuate your waist to make the fit more slimming and it adds as an interesting accent to your dress as well. Avoid hiding the full areas of your body such as the belly and hips by piling on fabric as it will only succeed in making you look heavier. The beadwork of your gown can also outline your shape.

4. Put on the right accessories – Choosing the right shoes and jewelry to go with the dress is an important final touch to your look. The right height of heels can make or break the flow of the dress. If you’re petite, avoid putting on chunky earrings and necklace as it will weigh down your look. Instead, go for a simple stud or drop earrings and a slim bracelet. Remember that the accessories should not take the attention away from the dress and especially not from you! Accessories are worn merely to highlight or complement your look.

These simple tips can give you the maximum effect in looking your best in your wedding dress minus the stress. With enough time to think about your shape and find the right dress, you can look your slimmest on your wedding!

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