Love Your Ride

You have fantasies of riding a slick, F1 race car. Perhaps you have more than once imagined being in your next-door neighbour’s glossed and shiny Bentley. Scratch that. Deep down in your heart, you dream of the classic mini cooper with you in it. Wrong? Well, you surely cannot say “no” to a handsome ol’ cabriolet then.

luxury bride in limousine

In that part of our imagination where being Prince Charming or living with Megan Fox resides there is a place for an automobile. Its size, shape and style is different for each of us, depending on our own sense of what is fashionable and cool or what captures our fancy. Some of us may even forego classic cars for less-mainstream rides like a Land Rover or even a Vespa.

Still, dream cars are only dreams until we live it; and how these dreams are being lived! Fantasy cars have taken centre stage in wedding transportation, exploiting the imagination of not just the marrying couple, but also their family members, attendees and on-lookers.

Let us give you walk you through the various transport options you can take and help you choose the wedding car that best suits exactly who you are! Be warned: This is not for the faint-hearted who are not looking to break the norm… buckle your seatbelts.

Wild Child

You are an adrenaline junkie. You live for the falling sensation of sky-drives, bungee jumps and roller coasters. A nondescript sedan for a wedding car simply will not do! Hop on a Harley and complete the look with aviators and leather jacket if you must. If the helmet-hair bothers you, then jeep wrangler’s the way to ride: Whizz down the highways in style whilst propped up the back of the vehicle and soak up all the stares!

Kawaii Kid

You are the sort to like all things small and cuddly and probably have puppies or bunnies on your hand phone display. We recommend a bright, sunny yellow Mini-Cooper or a Beetle, open-top, to complete your peachy, picture-perfect look as you drive on your wedding day. Don’t be shy about opting for other miniature varieties, especially if it brings out the child in you.

Stay tuned for more wedding car styles for your perfect wedding day!

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