Make it Magical: Tips on Wedding Venue Decorations

One of the many challenges you’ll encounter in planning your wedding is figuring out how the venue should look. Even if you have a wedding coordinator, it is important that you’re able to have a say on how you want the place to be transformed – and it’s even better if you can pitch in on the how.

Here are some venue decor tips and ideas.


Brighten up the Place

For a warm and elegant celebration, incorporate different kinds of lighting. You can use Christmas or fairy lights at any time of the year and drape them on the ceilings or on the walls. You can also incorporate these lights on potted plants or on the table where your cake is. Aside from these electric lights, you can also use lanterns, wax or battery-operated candles that you can scatter in the area. Use the wax candles with more precaution by floating small tea-light candles that you can place in a glass bowl with water and fresh flowers as a centrepiece.

Highlight One Over the Other

When decorating, it is important not to overplay the theme by using overwhelming displays. This follows with the color and materials you use. One has to be the highlight while the other serves as complementing background, which is usually simple though not plain. For your wedding motif, using the darker and richer shades as the background can make the place look smaller and cosier. Conversely, using a lighter background can create an illusion of more space. It ultimately depends on the ambience you want to achieve. Whether the elements of your decor contrast or complement each other, they should be cohesive throughout.


Take Advantage of Technology

The LCD projector is now popularly used to create an ambience for a wedding reception. You can just rent the equipment as it is expensive. Ask your supplier whether the projector’s lumens are enough to project crisp images against the brightness of the room. Let someone take charge of operating the projector in a secluded area of the reception. On a bare wall, projects pre-wedding photos, engagement photos and other pictures from your relationship to make a plain area interesting or even the center of attraction.

Create Textures and Variety

Simple doesn’t mean plain or boring. Simple should be minimalist but elegant. To do this, try combining textures in your decor such as silk and feathers, embroidered table runner on white table cloths, sheer and metallic fabrics for draping, marbles and peony. Also, variety is important to make the entire setting interesting. Play with the height of your centrepieces and mix and match your materials as you place them in different areas of the place.

There are countless ways in venue decorating. Just explore your options and play with a little creativity to make your wedding venue look magical on your big day.

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