Make Your Dream Wedding Blossom: How to Find the Right Florist

The ultimate bridal look – the one you need to have as you walk down the aisle towards your groom – would not be complete without a bouquet. The bouquet is an essential part of being a bride, coming second only in importance to the bridal gown. But of course, that’s not all your floral needs for your big day. For your wedding, you also need bouquets for your bridesmaids, boutonnieres, centerpieces and other floral décor.

Flowers are an important element in setting the tone of your wedding day. Because of this, the florist has a major role in making your vision of your wedding come to life. Which is why finding the right florist who can give you your floral desires is important. Here’s how:


1.   Begin the search months ahead

You need to have ample time to find and negotiate with your wedding vendors, especially your florist. Do some research on what types of flowers will be in season on your wedding date and choose from there. Talk to your wedding florist and get their advice, and then place your order as early as possible. The more specific the design of your bouquets, centerpieces and décor, the more time should be given to your florist to prepare them.

2.   Ask for recommendations

The best persons to ask for recommendations are friends who recently got married, wedding professionals, and reception or ceremony site staff. Those who are recently married can give you a testimony on the florist’s service and output. Other wedding professionals can vouch for florists that they have worked with previously and give reliable advice on their level of professionalism and service. The best people to ask are, of course, your wedding planner and the manager of your wedding venue.

3.   Do some R&R: research and reference checks

Unfortunately, R&R don’t mean rest and recreation here. Take time to research on the florists that have been recommended to you and get some word from their past clients. Visit their shop and see if you like what you find there. The shop can show you the creativity of the florist and how organized she can be. Review the portfolio to give you an idea on the florist’s style and execution of design.


4.   Set an appointment

Soon after you’ve done your bit of research, sit down with the florist and begin discussing what you want. Bring pictures of your and your bridesmaids’ dresses, and maybe some photos of your venue too, to give your florist a better idea of how their flowers will match the overall look of your wedding. You should also have pictures of flower arrangements that you would like to copy or use as inspiration in arranging your own wedding flowers.

5.   Look out for the advice and suggestions

It is not a good idea to do all the talking and say you want things this way and that way. You should also let your florist give you some advice on how you can best use flowers to achieve your envisioned wedding. A florist who has smart ways on how to maximize your budget is your best bet. You may be certain of what you want but your florist should know the limitations and possibilities when it comes to the choice of flowers, design, and logistics.

6.   Commitment is a must

While advice and suggestions are needed, your florist should still be able to commit to what you originally want. Their advice should not be too different from your vision, and while their suggestions may entail some changes, the final effect should be the same to what you have imagined. That is why it is important for your florist to understand the overall look of your dream wedding and not merely know that flowers to use or how to arrange them. If you find a florist who discourages you from what you want, find another.


7.   Request for price quote and payment schemes

In narrowing down your choices, make sure to have price quotes from each of your prospect florist. Also ask about the payment schemes. It is better to be clear on these early on before you make a choice so that you can be more comfortable with your decision. With the price quotes, make sure that you can compare apples to apples so you can better gauge which offer gives you your money’s worth.

8.   Request for a sample arrangement

If you find it difficult to make your final decision, request for a sample arrangement for a centerpiece or a bouquet to help you decide which florist you should hire. They usually do this free of charge or at least for a minimum fee. This way you can see their actual interpretation of what you want for your flower arrangements. After all, the output is ultimately the deciding factor in choosing the best florist who can make your wedding blossom!

With enough time and knowing what you want and what they can do you can find the right florist to meet your expectations and satisfy your wedding floral needs. With these tips, your search for a florist can be a stroll in the garden.

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