Make Your Engagement Ring and Wedding Band Last a Lifetime

Your engagement ring and wedding band are the two most important pieces of jewelry you will ever own as they symbolize your devotion and commitment to your partner. As such, you need to maintain their brilliance and quality to make them last your lifetime or even more. Here are five tips on how to take care for your engagement ring and wedding band:


1.   Know your rings’ characteristics

Document each important detail of your rings’ features for its insurance and so that you can make an accurate report in case you lose them. Take close up pictures of your rings in different angles to record their appearance. In addition, take note of the kind of metal, cut, stone, color, carats and inscriptions that your rings have.

2.   Insure your ring

Get insurance only from a trusted specialty insurer.  For this, you need to know insurance policies on theft and repair. Also, have your jewelry appraised every 5 years to keep track of increasing values on precious metals and diamonds and make sure that your insurance is updated on the escalating values of your rings.


3.   Clean your ring

Soak your rings for 30 minutes in a cleaning mixture of 50% ammonia and 50% cool water and then scrub gently to loosen dirt particles, then rinse them in the solution again before wiping them dry. You can also soak them in a warm water and dishwashing liquid solution, and then use a soft toothbrush to rub them clean.

4.   See a jeweler regularly

Visit a jeweler as often as you would see your dentist – at least twice a year to have regular check-ups on the prongs of your rings. This is important to avoid an unpleasant surprise of a dislodged diamond. You want to make sure that the stones are set intact so you will be worry free for your rings’ everyday wear and tear.


5.   Have a secure storage

While you will wear your wedding band almost all the time, you still need to find a safe storage in your house for the rare times that you need to let your rings rest from your finger. Store them securely in a place that’s hard to access, preferably a place where a burglar won’t expect it to be in.

Aside from these tips, remember to avoid removing your ring in public and knocking against other hard materials so that you don’t lose or damage your ring. Also keep in mind that your rings are uniquely yours and so don’t compare them with other engagement rings and wedding bands that can only make you envious. Instead, appreciate them for their distinctive qualities. Value them as symbols of your love and commitment and not of your financial status.

Follow these tips and get the security and assurance that your rings are in superb condition to last a lifetime or more! Do this not just for the monetary values of your rings, but more importantly, for their sentimental worth.

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