Make Your Outdoor Wedding a Success

In places like Singapore, where the weather is always warm, anytime of the year is a perfect time to host an outdoor event. Whether you’re planning for grand wedding for hundreds of guests or an intimate wedding celebration with your family and some close friends, there are so many ways you can make your outdoor event unforgettably successful.


While outdoor weddings can be held throughout the year, certain precautions have to be made. We only have two seasons – dry and wet – and both has its advantages and disadvantages: the dry season gives your wedding a higher chance of not getting rained on, but may be uncomfortably warm; the wet season is cooler, but may bring in some rain on your big day. So, here are some tips you can follow to ensure an enjoyable outdoor celebration.

Choose an Appropriate Venue

Choosing the right venue for an outdoor wedding is crucial. Keep in mind the number of guests coming, the activities to be done, the temperature of the area during peak hours of the day, and the area where people will stay most of the time. If possible, look for a location that offers some shade so your guests won’t have to endure the heat of the sun throughout the course of the event. Secure an area where your guests can stay and enjoy the main attraction of the occasion without forcefully facing the sun. Your guests would be happier if the sun is behind them as the wedding ceremony goes on. Staring into the direction of the sun for too long can make people feel disoriented and uncomfortable.


Set up Canopies and Tents

Even if your outdoor venue already offers some shaded areas, consider setting up canopies or portable tents where your guests can comfortably stay and socialize with one another. Usually, the buffet area, chairs, and tables are set up under a tent so people can relax while enjoying the food without the harsh heat of the sun beating down on them. Furthermore, these portable shelters are also ideal in protecting everyone in case of unexpected rain showers. It can also serve as staying areas for your servers and volunteers while they’re still on standby.

Offer Lots of Drinks

When planning an outdoor wedding, set aside a significant portion of your budget for beverages. Most likely, the number of drinks offered in a hall reception doubles if you go for an outdoor venue, since the warm outdoor weather easily makes everybody thirsty. Keep your guests hydrated by serving lots of cool beverages, like ice cold water, lemonade, soda or punches. Make use of disposable cups for easier disposal or personalized ones to match the theme of your wedding.


Serve Cool treats

On the reception, serve selections of cool treats, such as popsicles, shaved ice, fresh fruits, and ice cream, to keep your guests cool under the hot weather. If possible, stay away from heavy dishes and opt for light foods like sandwiches, salads, chilled sea foods, and other finger foods to refresh everybody’s palette.

Use Fans

Set up a couple of heavy-duty electric fans to provide cool air to the area. You can also distribute custom fans that can double as wedding favors. Personalize these items with your names and the date of your wedding.

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