Make Your Own Wedding Theme

One of the first things you’ll have to do as an engaged couple is to come up with a wedding theme. A theme can be your guide in putting your wedding together and making it a unique and memorable experience. Once you have a theme, you will have a better idea what kinds of flowers to order, what type of venue to reserve, how to decorate it, and even what dress code to implement.


You as a couple can incorporate something of your own personalities into your wedding theme to make the wedding reflective of your who you are and your history. Check out which of these popular themes appeal to your identity as a couple:

Beach Wedding

If you and your intended are drawn to the sea, then this theme is for you. You can have both the ceremony and reception at the beach, or have a church ceremony then have the feast by the beach. If the beach is known for its stunning sunrise and sunset, it would be wonderful for that to be a part of your wedding ceremony or reception.

In creating a beach-themed wedding, use shades of blue and green as your colour motif. Take inspiration from the colour of the ocean, the sand, the sky, the coral reefs or even the colourful underwater creatures when you make your invitations, buy your wedding favours, and create your decorations.

Garden Wedding

Lush greenery, vibrant flowers, water features, butterflies, and chirping birds can make for a whimsical yet romantic wedding. A garden wedding is not too formal and can be intimate. An outdoor type of wedding is less challenging to organize than a beach wedding. Unlike in a beach wedding, where you need to consider the tides, the weather, as well as the accessibility for your guests, a garden wedding is a pretty straightforward affair. When you choose your venue, pick one that is memorable in your history as a couple.


Although both beach and garden weddings are naturally set outdoors, you and your partner can still have it indoors. Just take inspiration from these places and recreate them in an indoor setting such as a ballroom or in a country club. You may need help from an experienced wedding planner to achieve this without wearing you out.

Fairy Tale Wedding

Create a magical and dream-like wedding with a fairy-tale theme. A ballroom with chandeliers, an orchestra to serenade the guests, a towering tiered cake, and you the majestic bride all aglitter – all these will help bring your childhood wedding fantasies to life. Take inspiration from royal weddings or even from a favourite fairy tale story you grew up with. This theme doesn’t need to be expensive if you choose to simply focus on one aspect of the wedding where you’d want to play with this theme the most. For example, you can put all the details of a fairy tale into the table setting that can doubly serve as the décor for the venue as well.

There are many other themes to explore and many ways to achieve them. The sky’s the limit when it comes to finding ways to make your wedding day a special, memorable one. Never leave out your personal touch in creating your wedding and mark that special day with you and your partner’s character and style.

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