Makeup Tips for a Fair-Skinned Bride

Knowing the right shades of makeup to complement your fair skin tone is important in order to look your best on your wedding. Wearing the right makeup for your wedding begins with the right choices of colors. With the right shades and colors, you can follow any of the popular makeup trends for today’s wedding, such as smoky eyes and pale lips, and make it totally complement your bridal look.


You can take inspiration from the season or theme of your wedding to pick the makeup you want; but the best trick would still be choosing your makeup based on how it enhances your skin tone. This lets your natural beauty shine through and not end up looking like someone else. That’s the last thing you want for yourself on your wedding. Here are some makeup guidelines to help you make the right choices for a naturally fair look on your wedding day.

1.   Base

The right choices begin at the base of your makeup. A flawless skin is a good canvas for your makeup and this can be achieved by picking the right shade and kind of foundation for your skin tone and type. Pick a foundation that has the same undertone with your skin. A fair skin may have a pink or peach undertone. Pick a shade that is closest to the color of your jawline so that it can evenly cover your face and neck.

It’s better to check on which type of foundation – whether cream, liquid or cake – is best for your skin type. Know which stays longer on your skin and gives it a smooth and matte finish. When you have normal to dry skin, you can opt for liquid or cream foundation. While oil-free liquid or powder foundation works best for oily skin. Apply primer to even out your skin tone. Use concealer at the base of your eyes to hide those dark circles and apply translucent loose powder for a finishing touch to properly set your foundation.


2.   Eyes

With a fair complexion you can easily let your eyes be the focal point of your look. Don’t lose them in the paleness of your skin by contouring them with black eyeliner. Use soft pastels, such as pink, pale blue, or mint or even champagne, for a daytime outdoor wedding. Deeper and richer shades like navy and gray are dramatic for an evening affair. Make your eyes pop even with minimal eye shadow through strokes of voluminous black or black-brown mascara.

You can make your eyes look bigger with some false lashes. Be sure to try them on your makeup trial so that you can tell if you are comfortable with it. Don’t forget your brows as they form the frame of your face. Audrey Hepburn’s iconic beauty is marked by her dark contoured eyebrows. Make sure to shape yours to perfectly frame your face. You can make them look fuller for a youthful look with brow shadow of the same color with your hair.

3.   Cheeks

Pink or peach blushers look best on fair skin. It can give you a fresh look all throughout your wedding. Remember that your blush should complement the color of your lips and avoid warm bronzers. Instead, pick honey-toned blushers with a hint of pink or peach. Blusher seems to be the simplest makeup to apply. Well it is but there is a proper technique on how to blend it and make it look natural.

Blushers should be brushed on an upward motion on the apples of the cheeks and towards your hairline on the temples. Don’t forget to dab on the patch of your forehead between your eyebrows and on your chin. You can also lightly brush across your nose bridge. Adding color on these areas make you look like a naturally blushing bride.


4.   Lips

You can wear pale lips to draw more attention to your eyes but don’t forget to line your smackers so that you retain their sexy shape even with a muted lip color. Or for some color during the day you can wear soft apricots, rosy or sandy pinks. For an evening affair, have a pop of color through a pinky-red or cranberry to create a dramatic look.

A fair complexion actually lets you have more options when it comes to your lip color. You can be bold and daring with bright hues or you can go pale and glossy – either will suit you nicely. It is only a matter of letting your lip color complement your eye makeup for a more cohesive look.

5.   Highlights

For the final touches that make a difference, don’t forget the highlights. Apply highlighter or illuminator on your cheeks at the outer corner of your eyes. It also looks good to dab some on your nose bridge and beneath your eye brows. If your dress is quite revealing from your neck to your shoulders and down to your chest, add some shimmer on your décolleté. You can also add some shimmer on the tips of your shoulders and on your collar bones to contour the area and make it look sexy rather than pale.

In creating your bridal look, celebrate your naturally fair complexion by enhancing it through the right choice of makeup. Use makeup to conceal your flaws and to bring out your assets, particularly your fair skin. Feel free to go with a look that you want as long as you’re comfortable with it and it lets you look your best. After all, what matters is that you feel good about how you look on your wedding day.

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