Making an Impact with Your Wedding Favors

Are you planning your wedding? Have you thought about the kind of wedding favors that you’ll be giving out to your guests? Your wedding favors should reflect the uniqueness of your wedding day, because it will be one of the most wonderful days in your life. Share this sentiment with your guests by giving them wedding favors that will really make an impact.

wedding favors

The wedding favors that you choose to present to your guests, as well as the way they are presented, must symbolize your joy and gratitude at your guests’ attendance. These gifts are meant to show appreciation to your guests, so you will want to give them a wedding favor that encapsulates your appreciation. The question is, what should you give them?

If you’re at a loss, start by thinking about the demographics of your guest list. For example, how old are most of the guests? If there will be many children present at the wedding in Singapore, you probably don’t want to give them wedding favors that are more suited for adults, such as kitchenware or household items. If there will be a lot of senior citizens attending your wedding, it follows that you wouldn’t give them gifts that are suitable for a younger set of 20- or 30-somethings. Consider items that have a broad appeal across age groups.

If your wedding will be attended by people of other ethnicities in Singapore, religions and beliefs, you should be sensitive to their feelings and stay away from wedding favors with a religious theme, in order to avoid causing controversy. Consider getting a non-religious gift for all guests, or if you still intend to give out religious wedding favors, prepare something else for these guests. The intention is to thank them for attending, and it would be a waste if you caused offence instead.

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