Malay Bridal Fashion in Singapore

Malay weddings in Singapore are extravagant affairs and arguably one of the grandest celebrations in the Malay culture. Some ceremonies can even last for several days with the highlight of the wedding being the Bersanding (or Enthronement), where the bride and groom are treated as royalty and seated upon “thrones” placed on the pelamin (dias). The bridal couple will be in their wedding finery with the bride dressed in the elaborate traditional baju kurung or the more modern baju kebaya. Take a look at the latest Malay Bridal Fashion in Singapore and be captivated by their beautiful, intricate and elaborate embroidery and handiwork.


Signature Bridal

With more than 10 years of experience in the bridal industry, Signature Bridal makes every bride’s dream come true with their exquisite styles, and a whole collection of bridal dresses ranging from traditional to a mix of traditional and modern. The designs of such dresses are kept close to the traditional styles of the bridal baju kurung or baju kebaya while incorporating charming new modern elements such as contemporary silhouettes and novel necklines.



The deep violet and golden daffodil-coloured baju kebayas are two dresses that take on a more modern style of the traditional bridal dressing. The classic floral pattern embroidery of the kebayas are complemented by the rich and bold colours while the sheer high neckline and a V-neckline with insert give the respective dresses a contemporary twist.



Classy, timeless and exquisite – these dresses are stunning pieces that would suit anyone, from the more conservative brides to the young contemporary brides, with their modest designs contrasted by figure complimenting silhouettes, vibrant colours and astonishing embroidered details.


All photos from: Signature Bridal

A current and charming trumpet fit wedding gown with a beautiful skirt that mimics the petals of roses with a classy semi-sweetheart neckline. The eye-catching piece appeals to the bold bride looking to wear an ivory wedding gown for her wedding but with the option to keep it modest with a sheer illusion high neckline and sheer long sleeves.


Chinta Weddings

Also with a decade worth of experience in the wedding industry, Chinta Weddings boasts of a strong and elaborate approach in traditional and contemporary styling and make-up for brides and has been noticed and labelled as one of the finest in Singapore. Chinta features both contemporary and traditional wedding collections to cater to its wide range of customers.



As can be seen from the above designs, Chinta Weddings’ bridal dresses are beautiful fusions of the new and the old, the modest and the bold. The embroidered details on the dresses are also extremely intricate and elaborate making it hard for anyone to miss. More noticeably, the use of feather-like decorative elements around the necklines has given the traditional baju kebaya bridal dresses a modern appeal.


Vibrant and regal looking – this bridal baju kurung stands out with its striking fuchsia pink hue with shimmery silver thread embroidery on the whole of the outfit. Despite its seemingly simple cut and design, the dress is made more sophisticated with its intricate details and accompanying silver accessories.


All photos from: Chinta Weddings’ Facebook page

Who could ever forget satin and the colour ivory when it comes to weddings dresses? This fit-and-flare wedding dress is the perfect mix of the East and the West with a satin finish complemented by lace embroidered details all over, on the half sleeves, at the hemline and along the edge of the veil as well.


CHANTIQUE The Bridal Gallery

Chantique The Bridal Gallery aims to make a bride’s wedding day more than just beautiful memories by making her the centre of attraction on her big day. Their exclusive and innovative designs of wedding dresses for modern brides bring fresh new looks to the Malay Bridal Fashion industry.

chantique-traditional-gowns-1a  chantique-traditional-gowns-1b

All that glitters is definitely gold with this alluring dress that shimmers with gold details at the right areas. With the neckline, shoulders, waistline and even the hemline all accentuated with gold embellishments, this dress will undoubtedly catch everyone’s full attention.

chantique-traditional-gowns-2a  chantique-traditional-gowns-2b

Shining, shimmering and definitely splendid, this dress was made to turn heads with its extra fine details and unique neckline with a sheer illusion. More notably, the use of the traditional songket to match the bridal top reflects a harmonious pairing of the old and the new.


When it comes to Malay bridal fashion, no colour is excluded even a dark hue such as black. Made all the more charming with detailed embroidered patterns and motifs, this entire bridal dress set also reflects a well-balanced mix with a modern looking top and the traditional sarong.


Who would have thought an emerald green colour would go strikingly well with a canary yellow hue? This dress proves the impossible by matching the two vibrant colours to produce a captivating dress that is sure to stun everyone, and is made even more memorable by its elaborate lace details.


All photos from: CHANTIQUE The Bridal Gallery’s Facebook page

A sparkly white A-line wedding dress with a sweetheart neckline on top of a high illusion neckline and sheer sleeves stitched on with floral embellishments, this dress’s elaborate details are jaw-dropping. Fashionable yet classy, this dress is definitely one for the modern-day bride.


Versari Ade

Founded by designer Hadi Hashim in 1995, Versari Ade is a fusion of east and west, modern and traditional fashion. With the founder’s combined passion for bridal fashion and an eye for detail, the brand has come to be recognised as a highly prestigious luxury ‘Malay Bridal’ brand in Singapore, with detailed designs and personalised services as its niche areas.



As widely talked about, Versari Ade’s bridal fashion pieces live up to their high expectations. From the top notch clothing materials with rich colours to the impeccably cut designs and even the detailed handiwork as seen above, each and every piece of bridal wear exudes its own novel charm, while incorporating traditional elements that make the dresses impressive in more ways than one.


A baju kebaya that is fit for a princess, this shimmering turquoise set looks stunning from every angle. Whether it is the flowy semi-transparent top with glittering details or the gorgeously patterned sarong, there is no denying that this dress would make any bride look and feel extra pretty on her big day.

versari-traditional-gowns-4a  versari-traditional-gowns-4b

A reminiscence of Naomi Watts’ Elie Saab couture piece at the Cannes Film Festival this year, this silvery gown with a similar fluffed up full feathery skirt will surely turn heads. The impressive dress keeps it modest with a charming bateau neckline and long sleeves lined with silver embroidery and embellishments.

versari-traditional-gowns-5a  versari-traditional-gowns-5b

One look and you will be amazed by this dress’s modest yet striking appeal. While keeping it classy with a natural silhouette and high neckline with long sleeves, the charm of the dress lies in its dazzling cobalt blue hue that would strike a lasting impression.

versari-traditional-gowns-6a  versari-traditional-gowns-6b

All photos from: VERSARI ADE’s Facebook page

Pretty in pink – similar to the cobalt blue number above, this cotton candy pink dress is one for the feminine bride. With a pretty pink hue complimenting the dress’s beautiful silhouette and astonishing lace details from the top to the toe, you can be sure that such a dress will be unforgettable.


White by Fatimah Mohsin

One of the most celebrated designers and makeup artists in Singapore, Fatimah Mohsin, the founder of Fatimah Mohsin the Wedding Gallery in 2001 (known today as Fatimah Mohsin Singapore) has now launched the highly anticipated WHITE by Fatimah Mohsin collection. It is a custom to fit collection which resonates with the designer’s signature flamboyant lace and beading works on pieces which are suitable for any special events.



A rich and royal purple shade makes this regal looking dress all the more majestic. With the delicate lace details lining the neckline and down the middle of the skirt and with the 1970’s inspired flared long sleeves, any bride wearing this dress would surely feel like a queen for the day.



Nothing says “feminine elegance” better than two different shades of pink matched to form an entire outfit. The bold fuchsia pink top delightfully harmonises with the more toned-down salmon pink skirt to give this set an overall refined yet youthful appeal. Lace details at the neckline also give the otherwise simplistic dress a more sophisticated feel.



Look cool and fresh with a light mint and ivory set that is a fusion of traditional and modern looking Malay bridal wear. The cool blue hue and the neutral white shade work together to complement each other that gives the entire outfit a soft and gentle look. Intricate lace details at the neckline adds a classy allure to the overall demure dress set.



Black may seem like a plain and boring colour but when combined with a figure complimenting silhouette with a fitted flare skirt and embroidered long sleeves that show off a feminine charm, it certainly becomes much more enchanting, especially with the embellished waistline giving a sleeker form to the high-neck top.



All photos from: White by Fatimah Mohsin

The captivating details on this set are stunning to say the least – soft purple floral embroidery accentuates the peplum’s hemline and end of the sleeves as well as the same floral embroidery delicately lining down the middle of the floor length ivory sheath skirt. This entire set is no doubt the embodiment of refined feminine elegance.

With each of these Malay bridal fashion brands in Singapore unique in their own way and possessing different charms with innovative and beautiful creations ranging from traditional designs to modern styles, any bride would be spoilt for choice!

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