Marital Bliss should Last Forever

Remember the phrases, in sickness and in health, in richer or poorer, till death do us part?

Once we enter the holy matrimony, we are spiritually bound to commit our lives to our partners. We commit everything—from our joys laughter to our woes and sorrows. We bind ourselves not just to enjoy the abundance of blessings and to enjoy all the time; as partners, we also have to stick together, even when strife abound us.

wedding vow

There is a wide gap between marital bliss and a miserable marriage. Marital bliss takes roots on the principle that marriage exist because two individuals believe in living a harmonious life together despite the enormous differences and clashes of personalities.

In Harmony, Love Thrives

Back on the days when he was just courting you, did you remember the times when he was more than willing to give in to all your wishes? Every needs are met—even the petty ones are immediately fulfilled. When he was courting you, he would bend over backward just to please you.

This time, as you are already bound in marriage, you should take heed of his needs too. It is not the same any more with the courting phase. Your relationship has grown deeper and this, in consequence, entails big responsibility too, that each of you should meet. His needs and your needs may have a vast difference but no way should you just forego it all.

For love to thrive and survive even the tumultuous phases in a relationship, each partner’s needs have to be fulfilled. A harmonious marriage requires constant love and affection. Even the littlest things are given appreciation. For instance, you crave for pizza and your partner craves for French fries. Given just the small budget, you think you are facing a huge dilemma. So you opted to buy a box of pizza instead, neglecting his cravings for fries. As soon as you get home, arguments erupted.

His sentiments for this scenario might be, “How about my needs or wants?” This happens when he thinks that you always fulfill your own wishes and his not always. If you don’t amend this matter soon, in time he might assume that you are controlling the relationship. And when that happens, it would be much harder to repair your relationship.

You would ask, in a more calm fashion, why the outburst? And you go running, sulking in your bed until all your carvings waned and you both never did get to eat the food you bought. Perhaps, this is a perfect example of why harmony should be achieved. Every time you think of your needs, take his needs into account too. If he craves for fries and you craved for pizza, why not buy half orders of both so you meet halfway. (You can’t finish a whole box of pizza, anyway, right?)

For harmony and love to be both present in your relationship and endure all the minuscule arguments, both of you ought to be aware and be keen on satisfying both of your needs. Not just your own needs, but his as well. The more needs are met, the happier you both become.

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