Mavis & Fabrizio – The Island Boy and Kampong Girl Story

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Bride: Mavis Chan, Sales Operations Manager
Groom: Fabrizio Caruso, Vice President
Wedding Date: 28 July 2012

Fabrizio and Mavis

Chance Meetings and a Proposal

As the Vice-President of Opera Software in Asia, Fabrizio had to take a lot of business trips, which required him to stay at hotels. As fortune would have it, one of the places he regularly stayed at was where Mavis worked. But while he was instantly taken by her beauty, she had to politely decline Fabrizio’s invitations to go out. Years later, they will still not forget each other, and after another fortunate meeting in Kuala Lumpur, decided to finally date and start a relationship. And after a few more years of dating, Fabrizio went to see Mavis for a Valentine’s Day dinner, bringing with him a bouquet of roses and a glittering diamond ring.

A Small, Memorable Affair

Fabrizio and Mavis aimed for an intimate and classy wedding. To achieve this, their chosen venue was Alkaff Mansion Ristorante for its spacious lawn garden and cozy dining area. The affair seemed to have been blessed by the country itself as the Singapore flag was flown over as part of the National Day Parade just before the wedding’s start. The couples solemnized their union and performed the tea ceremony at the garden’s charming gazebo amidst their jubilant guests. Dinner was served inside the main restaurant, where the couple made their speeches and danced the night with their friends. The party later moved back outside and capped the night with musical performances by their friends and the flying of sky lanterns.

To extend the celebration of their wedding day, Fabrizio and Mavis created a Facebook page to serve as their wedding album where they requested their guests to upload their pictures of the day. Titled The Island Boy and Kampong Girl Story, the page now gathers hundreds of beautiful images that capture the love and joy that the couples share with each other and with their dearest family and friends. The camera loved everyone, and none more so than Fabrizio and Mavis themselves. Assisting them was Kent Wong Photography, who provided excellent professional shots that nevertheless capture the intimacy and candidness of the occasion.

  A Thanks to the People We Love

“Happiness is only real when shared,” Fabrizio quoted, as an opening to his speech, and continued, “That doesn’t ring true as much as it does today.”

Standing next to his blushing wife, he spoke about the story of their love and how everything has led to their wedding that day. The couple then thanked their closest family and friends, with whom they are able to share the happiest and most important day of their lives. To the cheers and applause of their guests, he ended by thanking his wife, saying “Thank you for agreeing to marry me and making me the happiest man in the world.”

Mavis echoed her husband’s sentiments, expressing that the most important thing about their wedding was that they celebrated it with the people who are most special to them. The couple also showed their appreciation for their best man and their bridesmaids, to whom they owe the success of the event. Reflecting their cultural union, the wedding was attended by guests of 18 different nationalities, each of which greatly enjoyed themselves and said that it was the best wedding they have ever attended.

Indeed, the affair couldn’t have been a more perfect start for Fabrizio and Mavis’ journey as a married couple.

Photography: Kent Wong Photography
Venue: Alkaff Mansion

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