Midweek Weddings in Singapore – Yea or Nay?

Just a few decades ago weddings were only held on weekends and bridal couples had to pay premium prices to book their dream wedding venue. Weddings are still expensive, but many couples in the US are turning to midweek weddings to get their desired venue at a lower price. Singaporean couples planning their wedding need to consider the following differences before booking a weekday.

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Budget: Throwing a weekday wedding luncheon may be cheaper compared to a weekend luncheon, but a weekday dinner costs approximately the same as a weekend dinner. To save more couples need to consider the type of venue they are booking rather than merely comparing weekday and weekend rates. Booking a 5-star hotel ballroom would always cost more than booking a restaurant VIP room.

Venue Availability: Auspicious dates are so important in Singapore that the rates are extra steep due to the high demand. Choosing a less popular date will make it easier to get the desired venue at a lower price. The other period couples may want to avoid is the long weekends. Prices are higher during these periods as well.

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Popular Vendors:  Trendy vendors are fully booked during popular months and auspicious dates. Couples marrying during the quieter parts of the year will have a better chance of securing them. These companies also offer a number of discounts and add-ons as incentives during the off-peak periods. This is a huge bonus for the more thrifty lovebirds.

Cheaper Accommodation: Hotel room rates are cheaper on weekdays, but this is subject to the demand at the time. Many hotels are fully book during busier periods like F1 and long weekends. Even during quieter periods, companies may block book rooms for their multi-day seminar at the hotel. It is during this low season that seminar packages are in greater demand.

Cheaper Plane Tickets: This is an important for couples with many friends and relatives living overseas. Their guests are usually more willing to make the trip when the travel expenses and accommodation are within their budget. Generally airfare prices are lower on weekdays compared to the weekends, so these attendees will be able to find affordable tickets.

Fewer Attendees: The couples have to handle complaints from their guests. Most people are working full time and not everyone will be able to take leave the following day. The bride and groom have to be mentally prepared that many people will back out last minute due to work commitments.


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Shorter Celebration: Few people are willing to take a taxi home due to the midnight surcharges. Many guests are likely to leave earlier to catch the last MRT, because they need to work the next day. Lesser people will be drinking as well for the same reasons. A shorter event is probably the best way to keep everyone happy.

Accommodating Relatives:  Singaporean couples have to invite certain close relatives to their wedding, so in most cases the couple will have to keep these attendees’ busy schedules in mind. Not only do they have to send invitation cards earlier, but well-meaning mothers may even suggest they choose a different date so everyone can make it.

Tips for Planning a Midweek Wedding

Pick a Suitable Day:  Booking a Thursday means the couple can avoid paying weekend prices and their guests will find it easier to apply for leave the following day. Even when they cannot apply for leave, many companies end earlier on Fridays anyways, so it is a win-win situation.

Send the Invitations Early: The couple may want to send out their save-the-date cards 8 to 10 months in advance. Such measures ensures that fewer people will be pulling out at the last minute as they had ample time to apply for leave.

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Plan Carefully: The couple has to keep things as flexible as possible to give their guests ample time to reach the venue after work. This is especially important if chosen venue is not in a central location. Hosting a pre-dinner cocktail reception is one way most newlyweds delay the reception till most of the guests arrive.

Suggest Appropriate Activities for Overseas Guests: While arranging day tours and transport is part of being good hosts, the bridal couple may want to remind their overseas friends and relatives to keep the actual day free. A quiet afternoon gives these guests enough time to get ready and make their way to the venue. Having them arrive punctually prevents any unnecessary delays.

Keep Track of Time: Ending things earlier means the couple can avoid paying unnecessary overtime charges. Hence it is a good idea for them to have either the wedding planner or a trusted friend keep track of the time and inform them when the festivities ought to start winding down.

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The bride and the groom need to discuss their plans carefully. There is hardly any difference between planning a grand wedding dinner on a weekday or during the weekend here in Singapore, but their decision may result in fewer people attending. Only couples wanting a more intimate wedding will find a weekday wedding more budget friendly.

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