Mistakes to Avoid in Your Wedding Planning

Leave no room for regrets with tried and true tips on what mistakes to avoid in planning your wedding from real brides themselves!


1. The Wedding Party’s Outfits

Worry less about clashing outfits by simply giving your bridesmaids and close members of the family a fabric with the exact color and type as your wedding gown and telling them to choose their outfits to complement it, just like how one bride did it. This way, she didn’t need to micromanage their outfits to have a harmonious ensemble, plus she’s given them the freedom to choose their own dresses.

Tip: Being flexible with bridesmaids’ outfits, while accommodating, will mean extra work for someone — and that someone is usually the bride. Letting the wedding party choose their own clothes means that their choice might not necessarily work with what you had in mind. If you don’t want to be called a Bridezilla, look for a designer or bridal boutique that offers several dress styles in similar colors. Even if the dresses aren’t exact matches, they would at least look coordinated and no one dress would stand out.

2. Choosing your Attendants

It’s exciting to be able to approach someone and ask them to be your bridesmaid during your wedding. This privilege, however, isn’t something to be given out on the spur of the moment. One bride admits that because of her excitement over her wedding, she did not choose her bridal party with much consideration, simply calling up and inviting girls that she has recently gone out with even if they haven’t been friends for long. Because of this, she was unable to invite friends and relatives who she has been much closer to throughout her life, causing some of them to feel hurt or upset.

Tip: Take some time to think about it before calling up anyone and asking them to be part of your wedding party. There may be misunderstandings when you intend to ask some people and other people expect to be asked. Send out feelers and identify possible conflicts before you finalize your wedding party. Of course, some friends and family who have been excluded may still feel a little hurt, but both the bride and the final members of the wedding party will feel better if it’s apparent that a lot of thought was put in their selection.

3. Time Management

A newlywed couple shares that they wouldn’t have bothered making the invitations by hand. Although they saved money, the time they spent making the invitations could have been better spent.

Tip: Before starting on any project, particularly of a DIY sort, make sure everyone who will be involved is clear on the scope of the work and the commitment required. You can’t afford to have anyone leaving halfway, but it’s also not worth it if feelings are hurt or people feel imposed upon. Sometimes it’s a better idea just to pay for an item or a service.

4. The Day Itself

Finally, a bride says her biggest regret is not hiring a coordinator to take care of nitty-gritty things on the wedding day. She got irritated at being approached with questions on tiny details such as putting away extra programs, when all these questions could have been directed to someone else who wouldn’t have been busy getting married.

Tip: You will rarely get a break on your wedding day. So make sure that before the big day you have already delegated the final wedding tasks so that you get to actually enjoy each moment of your wedding. If you can’t assign it to your bridal party, then hire a wedding coordinator who has a crew to help you. Don’t skimp — the peace of mind and quality time you’ll get yourself will be worth it.

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