Musical Scoring at Your Wedding: Live Band Musical Accompaniment

If music means a lot to you, you can create the perfect atmosphere for your wedding through the songs you love. A beautiful musical backdrop all throughout your wedding will make it truly memorable. However, it is not enough to hire the right band and to prepare the playlist. You also need to identify the parts of your wedding where you want the band to play the music.

Here are the segments in your wedding where you can have music on the background.


Arrival of Guests

The band can play smooth, easy-listening music starting about 30 minutes before your ceremony officially begins, just as your guests are arriving and are being seated. This will set the mood of solemnity for the ceremony, and at the same time create a warm atmosphere for your guests to greet each other and get comfortable in their seats as your ceremony is about to begin. This also heightens the anticipation for your grand entrance.


You want this portion of the ceremony to be breathtakingly memorable. This may bring some of your family and friends to tears of joy and sentimentality as they witness your bridal party walk down the aisle and, finally, the moment when you stride into the venue and walk to altar. This is also the moment when your guests will have their first glimpse of you in your dress and blushing as a bride. Truly, this deserves a classical masterpiece or your favorite love song playing on the background.

Signing of Register

Music is also a lovely accompaniment as you sign the register. Some bands offer to play up to two songs for this part of your ceremony. If you want to have music played live while at the altar or during the actual ceremony, just ask the presider to know if it can be done without disrupting the process. You can even be more sentimental with your exchange of vows by having songs that are important to you played while you say your vows.

Ceremony’s Conclusion

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You want music to playing for your guests as your photographer complete a round of photo ops with the families from both sides along with your entourage and friends. You can also have a joyful exit from the church or the solemnization area as a couple through music and the cheers of your family and friends. You don’t want silence at the end of your ceremony as it can be anti-climactic. Instead, make the moment even more dramatic by having the band play a celebratory tune, especially during when you and your partner kiss for the first time as husband and wife.

Cocktail Hour

For a smooth transition from your ceremony to your reception a soothing jazz number from the band will create that atmosphere during the cocktail hour. Similar to the band welcoming your guests at the start of the ceremony, their music can also accompany your guests as they make their way to the reception. An easy-listen music that is subtle and relaxing on the background will be perfect as your guests sign the guestbook and leave you their well wishes, take photos at your photo wall or booth, and of course enjoy refreshing cocktails.

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To create a special dining experience for your guests, let them enjoy some of your favorite slow love songs played by the band live at a low to moderate volume which can be synchronized with your photo montage on loop. The live music will encourage your guests to engage in lighthearted conversation with each other and put them in a pleasant mood throughout their meal. Let your guests enjoy delicious dishes as well as beautiful music on the background. Any guest of yours who would like to offer you a slow song can also perform with the band as a special number at this part of your reception.


It can be said that this is the most looked forward to when it comes to music at your wedding. This is when your guests can enjoy the songs by your live band by hitting the dance floor and having a great time. However, aside from the after-dinner party, your last dance with your father and first dance with your husband are major highlights of the occasion. Have your band play an upbeat tune for a more unique experience on the dance floor. For the slow dances with your father and your husband, some R&B would be a good romantic choice.

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Whatever your music needs for your wedding, having a band that is flexible to perform all of them all throughout your big day is the best option. However, you can always combine a live band performance with DJ to supplement your other music needs. Just be sure to have music playing at each important segment of your wedding to create a cohesive and fuller experience for you and your guests.

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