Olivia & Ben – A Parisian Wedding

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Olivia Low, Banker
Ben Lew, Sales Executive
Wedded on 6 October 2012



A Chance Conversation on a Train

Olivia and Ben first met at a business orientation camp in SMU six years ago. Given their initial meeting, no one would have predicted that they were destined to spend the rest of their lives together. While Olivia has an outgoing and candid personality, Ben was introverted and shy about mingling with other people. “It wasn’t love at first sight,” Olivia admits, “To be honest, he did not get my attention.”

Fortunately, on the last day of the camp, the two were together on the train and started talking about which co-curricular activities they were planning to take. As it turned out, both of their mums had a love for dancing salsa and wanted their children to follow in their footsteps: it was the spark that started their relationship. Soon, the two were spending hours chatting online and talking on the phone about pop songs, restaurants and the many other interests they share.

“He won me over with his sensitivity and patience,” Olivia says, “Ben is a true-blue romantic and he knew just how to sweep me off my feet.”

A Musical Proposal at the Seine

For their 5th year anniversary, the couple went on a holiday in Europe. While walking along the bank of the Seine River, Ben asked Olivia to take a boat ride. Though surprised, she agreed and got in the boat, which was curiously decorated with a bouquet of roses and already had another passenger carrying a camera. Ben said that he planned for them to have an informal video enjoying the boat ride. That, however, wasn’t all he planned for that day.

As they cruised toward the Eiffel Tower, Ben handed his iPad to Olivia and asked her to watch a slideshow he had prepared. As she did so, he pulled out a guitar and started serenading her. It wasn’t long before she started crying, knowing that Ben had little skill in music and must have practiced a lot in secret just to give her this performance. By the end of the song, with both of them in tears, Ben went down on one knee and proposed to Olivia.

“It was the proposal of my dreams,” Olivia says, “I appreciated that he put in so much effort to arrange everything and the best part is, everything was caught on tape.”

A Shooting at the Eiffel Tower

Olivia and Ben returned to Paris for their pre-wedding photoshoot. Waking up before 4AM, they got ready for their 6AM photoshoot. They started at the Eiffel Tower area and, despite a cold morning, went to various spots around the place in order to get their ideal shots. The result is a collection of pictures where the couple posed lovingly while the famed tower stood grandly on the background.

Olivia fondly remembers: “We took so many veil shots and kissing shots that our cheeks and jaws were numb from all the posing.”

The shoot then moved to the Notre Dame Cathedral and Pont de l’Archeveche, where Olivia and Ben left their own specially engraved love padlock. There, they received extra attention from the many people who, thinking that it was the couple’s wedding day, came up to congratulate them. In the afternoon, they changed to different attires and had their shoot at a train station, followed by a shoot at the Louvre Museum. They capped the night by returning to their first destination – this time, taking their poses in a carousel as the Eiffel Tower shone brightly behind them.

“Even though it was such a long day, we really had a lot of fun kissing, posing and falling in love all over again,” says Olivia.

A Parisian Wedding in Singapore

Because of the part Paris played in their relationship, Olivia and Ben naturally wanted to celebrate their wedding in it. But while it may be beyond them to bring all their guests to the City of Lights, they found a way to bring the city to their family and friends. So on their dinner banquet, the couple simulated Paris at their very own ballroom at the Ritz-Carlton, Millenia with the help of Butterflies and Cakes, decorating the place with Parisian street lamps, the Arc de Triomphe serving as their entrance, and even placing a miniature Eiffel Tower on the stage.

To complete the effect – and to satisfy the stomach of their guests – the couple served good wine over a full 6-course individually-plated Chinese meal, which included such delectable dishes as Buddha jumps over the wall and bird’s nest in whole coconut. What makes the presentation more impressive is that the couple did not even hire a wedding planner and they were completely involved in the planning and execution of their wedding banquet.

“Our wedding is really our baby that we have been ‘carrying’ for the past year or two,” says Olivia. “When we walked into the ballroom that night and saw the whole set come alive, we knew our hard work had paid off.”

Decor: Butterflies and Cakes
Bridal Studio: Silhouette The Atelier
Suit: Pimabs
Photographer: Lightedpixels, Moomedia, Livestudios
Videographer: Moomedia
Make up Artist: Jacqueline Law
Venue: Ritz Carlton

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