Paper Decorations for Adorning Wedding Venues

Have you ever attended a wedding where the bride’s sheer creativity blew you away? From the decorative floral centrepiece to the invitation cards, you remember how everything carries a personalised style while at the same time provides an overall impression of a blissfully happy event.

A wedding doesn’t have to be extravagant to be memorable. Materials for DIY wedding decorations are countless and highly customisable too, making it perfect for any design ideas you have in mind. Paper bag lanterns, for instance, may look so simple at first but they can be transformed into charming wedding lighting.


Another good news is, you don’t have to possess great crafting skills to be able to pull off an impressive DIY wedding décor. Neither do you have to be overly ambitious to tackle the DIY wedding decoration project you are eyeing. Check out the following paper decorations to get ideas for your wedding design and ornamentation:

Paper Rosettes – These are a simple yet gorgeous paper decorations. They are colourful and cheery, which is perfect for the festive feel of the ceremony. They can also be subtle and unassuming pieces of decorations and still compliment the whole design theme of the wedding. Best of all, it is incredibly easy to make paper rosettes.

Hanging Flower Garlands – Flower wedding garlands make lively décor for your wedding venue. Hanging garlands can add charm to a rather relaxed and laid-back wedding setting. You can use baby’s breath for your flower garland and, below it, hang paper cut-outs of birds, hearts or any shape you like.

Paper Flowers – Paper flowers will not wilt nor droop, and they’re inexpensive too. They can be made in any colour, and you can mimic any real-life flower – from tropical season flowers to out-of-seasons foliage and blooms. Choose a vase that will highlight the floral design.


Origami Wedding Decorations – Origami decors can look as simple as hanging swans from the ceiling, or as elaborate as wedding centre pieces and bouquets. Whether it’s one or the other, these technique can make for elegant wedding decors.

Mini Windmill Bouquet – Make mini versions of big windmill bouquet to give delight to kids attending your wedding. Fixing wires on windmills will allow little kids to carry and bring them home.


Additional Design Elements

Peg-line wedding wishes – A peg-line of well-wishes is a unique way of collecting and displaying well-wishes from your guests. Prepare cut-outs of little paper clothes for guests to write down their wedding wishes. Then let them hang these up on a mini-clothes line.

Floral String Ties – Instead of using just plain boxes for giveaways, add floral string ties to make it look more crafty. All you need is a tissue paper (clothe-like texture used for gift wrapping), a roll of washi tape and a ball of paper twine to make this.

Favour Box Bands – You can also make plain favour boxes look prettier by wrapping simple bands around it. You can add text to the design, such as a short thank you message.

Paper decorations work for weddings held in summer and dry seasons. They are practical and pretty to look at and can be made into any design of your choice.


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