PeachyBody Anti-Cellulite Challenge

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PeachyBody Anti-Cellulite Challenge

20 February 2012 – 23 March 2012

Your wedding day is approaching, how much time do you have left to get rid of those excess inches on your waist and thighs? Take part in the 28 Day PeachyBody Anti-Cellulite Challenge, where we reward you for shedding that excess cellulite! You can win up to $2,000 in shopping vouchers!


1st Prize: $1,000 Shopping Vouchers
2nd Prize: $500 Shopping Vouchers
3rd Prize: $300 Shopping Vouchers
4th Prize: $100 Shopping Vouchers
5th Prize: $100 Shopping Vouchers

Contest Details:

5 Participants will be chosen to take part in PeachyBody Anti-Cellulite Challenge . Each person is given 2 sets of PeachyPink Shapewear without cost upon selection and completion of PeachyBody Anti-Cellulite Challenge !

Each participant is given:

2 sets of PeachyPink Shapewear

– Female: High Waist Pants (Total Worth $258!)
– Male: Waist Clinch (Worth $198!)

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Participation Requirements:

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Step 2: Attend selection meeting and collect PeachyPink Shapewear for contest.

Upon Selection:

Step 3. Update PeachyPink’s forum thread every 3 days on:
– How did you feel wearing the PeachyPink Shapewear?
– Was there any measurable or visible effect of wearing the shapewear?

Step 4. At the end of 28 days, the results will be decided by judges based on the quality of responses. Pictures and descriptions will help in increasing your score.

We look forward to receiving your entry! 

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