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Get Rewarded for Chatting!

Wouldn’t it be great to be rewarded for simply talking with brides on forums? On PerfectWeddings.Sg, you can!

Every post you make earns you points, which you can use to redeem fantastic items. We continually add items to our redemption list, to reward you for playing a part in making the Perfect Wedding community such a wonderful place for all brides. Chat and enjoy your stay at Perfect Weddings!

Forum Participation Details:
– The points earned for posting are called Perfect Points. The number of points each member has attained will be reflected on their member profile page as well as beside each post a member makes.

– A post must have a minimum of 15 words to quality for points.

– Each word is 0.02 points inclusive of the first 15 words.

– The maximum points a post can attain is 5 points, which is 250 words.

Prize details coming up soon!

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