Personalized Wedding Cakes

Your wedding day is your time in the spotlight, when all the attention will be on you and everything has to go according to plan. For a wedding cake that is as memorable as the wedding itself, add your personal touch to the cake by choosing a customized cake design and presentation.

tier wedding cake

Photo Cakes

Nowadays many bakeries offer the option of having a photograph printed on sugar to be used as the cake decoration. These photographs can be used as a wedding cake topper. Alternatively, the top tier of the wedding cake can have a picture of the wedding couple, the second tier can hold a photograph of the bride’s parents while the bottom tier has a photograph of the groom’s parents. This represents the newlyweds’ gratitude to their parents and is a thoughtful gesture to make, which will bring the newly united families closer together.

Little Cakes

Another trend in wedding cakes is to opt for many smaller cakes in various designs and flavours, rather than one large cake. As each individual cake can be decorated and personalized, they make good centerpieces for tables during the reception. You can even have different cakes each for the bride and the groom, with a third cake that includes design elements from both cakes. Smaller cakes also provide multiple photo opportunities as the bride and groom and cut each cake and mingle with the guests at each table. Guests can then wander around and sample the different cakes at different tables, which is an excellent icebreaker.


Fresh-cut flowers are gaining in popularity at weddings, and wedding cakes are now being decorated with flowers that match the wedding bouquets and floral arrangements at the reception. Another option is flowers made of sugar or fondant to decorate the cake. Having beautiful blooms that can be eaten will make for a memorable wedding cake.


While a white or yellow sponge cake is the traditional option, it is your wedding day and by all means order a chocolate cake if you are a chocolate addict. Other options include marble cakes, coffee cakes, angel food cakes, pound cakes, ice-cream cakes and even mousse cakes. If you’re serving a particularly rich cake at the reception, offer a selection of cookies, yogurt, fruit, ice cream, chocolates and dessert cheeses at the dessert table so that wedding guests who are watching their diets, or who may prefer something lighter, can also join in the fun.


A wedding cake doesn’t have to be white, coloured cakes are definitely an option. Some of the most memorable cakes have pale yellow or robin’s-egg blue frosting, instead of flat white. The cake icing can be in a subtle colour that matches your dress, or you can take the flamboyant route with an arresting red cake.

Wedding Cake Toppers

An interesting way to finish off a wedding cake is to top it off with your new monogram featuring your initials together as a married couple. Display your monogram proudly to family and friends by putting it on the cake. Work it into a design for china, linen or silverware, or have a chocolate version made to use as a wedding cake topper.

Cake toppers are an excellent way to personalize the wedding cake, by featuring a beloved hobby, sport or pets. Customized cake toppers showcase a couple and the things they love that brought them together. More casual weddings can have bride and groom figurines wearing vacation clothes for their honeymoon destination, or feature miniature versions of pet dogs and cats.

Personalization ideas are innumerable, so take time to consider it and discuss it with your future spouse. To make things easier for the bakery or cake decorator, bring photographs or drawings that they can use for reference when decorating your cake.

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