Photo Taking Techniques for Your Wedding

Are you feeling there is a lack of enthusiasm in your photo taking skills? Do you wish for a more enriching and interesting experience to rock your world? Here are some tips you can try it out to improve and experiment with it.

bride celebrating

The fish eye lens is a wide angle lens that captures more than the normal vista range. It captures from the ceiling to the bottom and in between which results in a distorted view that rounded the corners like what you see looking from a fishbowl, since it squeezes everything into one single shot. This technique is not used commonly and it not recommended as a frequent tool, although it could be utilized to spice up the variety of your photo collection.

There are times where you want to capture that moment when you are on the move or actions that you can’t sit still. Here is one trick you could try it out. By setting a lower shutter speed for your camera, you can create photo images that intentionally look blurry but looks fantastic when developed. It could be used on your wedding day where all the actions take place with all the dancing and party going on. Mix in with the traditional shots for variety.

Brush off the idea that formal portraits are required for your wedding party in order to make the prettiest pictures. A little innovation wouldn’t hurt and for all that matters, it could make your wedding more splendid. Consider some other alternatives including making everyone doing something while still looking at the camera or even just moving forward in steps. Everyone will be different instead of the usual standing in straight line that looks boring. It brings out the different personalities and moment of the person as well.

It is advisable not to always stop and look at the camera each time the camera man points it your way. Sometimes the essence of the photograph is not just about standing there and looking at the camera lens, but more on the action and the emotion you are having at the point of time and not the pose itself. Instead it would be better to let your guests know that it is advisable to be natural and just continue doing whatever they are doing when a hired photographer is doing his job on the wedding day. A dazzling photo doesn’t just mean a straight faced pose but rather, the spiritual moment where you might be drinking with your friends smiling ear to ear or caught kissing your beloved during your wedding party.

It’s true the background does determine the quality of the shots itself but it’s not always the point when lighting is actually much more important than the backdrop. A look through the camera focuses on capturing the mood and soul of the person, and thus a natural light is much preferred if it’s a portrait shot. Background scenes can be blurred out when shots are taken to increase the emotions and interactivity between people. Having all these tips will greatly enhance your wedding experience!

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