Photojournalistic Photography: How is It Applied in Weddings?

Weddings are full of spontaneous beautiful moments that couples share with each other, their families and their guests. These are natural, touching moments that, if captured in the lens of a talented photographer, turn into compelling pictures that the couple would love to look at and share in the years to come. In wedding photography, this kind of reportage is known as journalistic photography. It captures spontaneous and candid photos, documenting the wedding the way it unfolds.


What Makes it Different

Photojournalistic photography deviates from staged instructions and instead focuses on actions and the mood of the event. These elements help define a wedding and thus make distinct from others. However, this does not mean that journalistic wedding photographers don’t take an active and decisive role in capturing wedding photos. They do; only, they do it in a more subtle, non-obtrusive way.

As much as possible, they want to capture expressions and gestures without the subject noticing it. Wedding photographers that specialise in this style don’t just wait for the perfect moment, though. They prepare and use their imagination on how they can creatively capture emotions without staging or faking it. After all, weddings are a joyous event that it would be a waste of money to get all photos of the bridal couples and their guests in rigid and formal poses.


The Wedding Photojournalism Market

More and more wedding photographers in Singapore now engage in this kind of wedding reportage. Most are young and upcoming photographers, though some are already award-winning in this field. Like pre-wedding photography, journalistic photography is welcomed by the Singapore bridal market with open arms. These photographers often have websites where they showcase their photos through their online portfolio. There you can see their specialisation, their background and experience, as well testimonials and feedback from previous clients.

Building Rapport with Your Photographer

It’s important to set an appointment with any photographer – seasoned or not – and not just rely in the photos online before making a decision. It’s also important for bridal clients to request a meeting with the photographer and not their representatives. Some wedding photography studios send their photographers on the actual wedding day, leaving the photographer and the bridal client with not enough time to build rapport.


Establishing a rapport with the client is very important because it inspires trust and confidence. When clients are comfortable with their photographer, they act more natural, smile often and feel at ease while being photographed. It also gives client the chance to know if the photographer is right for them or not. They need to know it as early as possible to avoid wasting each other’s time and move on to meeting another prospect wedding photographer.

Choosing the Perfect Photographer

Wedding photographers with distinct techniques and have established it as their own usually stand out from the many photographers that offer the same service. These are the photographers who do not simply rely on customary standards, but rather create their own version and interpretation of the very abstract subjects they are used to capturing – love, joy, contentment, gratitude and other emotions that come into play in every wedding. When the time comes that you need a wedding photographer, remember to find the one that can capture the many precious moments that happen in a wedding, even if they happen in a fleeting speed.

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