Photowalk: Why You Should Consider It For Your Prenup Photoshoot

Singapore’s may be small, but its size doesn’t make it is any less interesting than other countries famous for photo-walking, like Paris or Morocco, largely due to the country’s unique mix of Chinese, Malay, and Indian culture that is reflected on its streets, buildings, parks, and even its shops.


In fact, the abundance of picture-perfect sights in such a dense urban setting makes Singapore a very photograph- and Instagram-friendly country, and practically every wedding photographer is taking advantage of it.

A few examples of these are buildings with bold, striking colors, and old or quirky signage. These are often overlooked or dismissed as something ordinary, but for a creative photographer it can be an opportunity for some unique possibilities.

Why a Photowalk?

Photo-walking is a great idea for pre-wedding photoshoots for its practical benefits. For one, most of the shoots is done outdoors, which means skipping getting permits and paying for entrance fees and other charges. Another practical benefit of doing a photowalk for a pre-wedding photoshoot is that it allows couples to go on a short “trip” and enjoy a day-long photoshoot. It may even provide some fresh insights, especially if the location is a place that the couple have never been to.


Photowalk: 4 Things to Consider

Locations should be predetermined. Like in any photowalk, the location should be predetermined: from the meeting place to the shoot’s last stop. This gives your pictures a sense of direction and narrative, and your schedule free of any confusion.

Possible locations for a photowalk include museums, historical buildings, parks, gardens, shops, boutiques and even local markets and street corners. Here’s one suggestion for a 2-day pre-wedding photo-walk in Singapore:

  •   Day 1: The Asian Civilization Museum to the Art House.
  •   Day 2 Starting point: Queen Elizabeth Walk to Raffles avenue to Bayfront Avenue. The Civic District Trail can also be considered, which includes the following places: Empress Place, Raffles Place, China Square, Lau Pa Sat, One Marina Bay, One Fullerton, Merlion, Esplanade, Queen Elizabeth Walk, Singapore Cricket Club/Padang and The Arts House.

Photo courtesy of AVIOR PICTURES

The location should be accessible to the public. This gets rid of any restrictions in photographing any area. It’s important to double check if taking pictures in a particular area is indeed allowed, or if there’s a need to get a permit to be able to do a photoshoot.

Direct and be directed. Let your photographer know what you want and, in turn, you should know how to follow directions from your photographer. This entails preparation of the clothes that will be used for the shoot, make up, and props.

Have fun! While it may be tiring since it involves walking, make sure to enjoy every moment of it. Your photographer may be able to capture spontaneous and candid photos that directing or staging may not, so don’t be afraid to act natural.

One last thing you should keep in mind when planning your pre-wedding photo-walk is to have enough refreshments in case the shoot takes a little longer than expected. As much as possible, do your photo-walks early in the morning or late in the afternoon.


If you would like to try them out for your pre-wedding shoot, the good news is that most wedding photographers now include a photowalk theme for their pre-wedding photography packages. Remember to ask your chosen wedding photographer for more details.

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