Picking the Right Dress for Full-Figured Brides

Looking great on your wedding dress doesn’t require that you have the body of a super model. With just the right cut and style, your wedding dress can make you look leaner and sexier. As a rule of thumb, remember that looking great isn’t about hiding the parts you don’t like, but about emphasizing the assets you already have. Dress for the right curves of your body and turn your guests’ “oh my” to “ooh la la!”

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This body type has a full bust, narrow waist and wide-set hips; thus, an hourglass-like shape. With this figure, almost any style can look good – choosing your dress just depends on which of your curves you want to flaunt.

If you love them so much then by all means emphasize them with a corset, which will draw attention to your curves on both sides from your bust, to your trim waist, and down to your hips. A corset also has enough structure for the bust support you need. But if you want to elongate your neck and make the area of your shoulders to your face as the focal point, then wear a dress with an off-shoulder neckline.

Fuller on the lower belly area down to the hips and legs, the pear shape body is known to be bottom heavy. In contrast to the lower half of the body, this shape has slender feminine shoulders and a narrow waist. To even out the heaviness of the bottom, the top needs to be emphasized through embellishments, embroidery, and other attention-grabbing details.

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A bride with this figure can wear her hair down with big soft waves to make the upper half look fuller or have some texture or volume on the shoulders and arms. To make the hips and legs look slimmer, they can be lengthened through an A-line skirt or a flowing empire cut.

If the pear is bottom heavy, the apple shape is its opposite – top heavy. This figure has a rounder torso with a full bust and mid area, but with slimmer arms and legs. For this body type, flaunt the limbs.

Wear a dress with a slit on the sleeves to subtly show off the long stems of your arms or wear a sleeveless gown to tone down the bust area and give the arms their deserved exposure. Most importantly, dress to create an illusion of a trim waist.

Photo by Volans Couture

In finding the right bridal dress for your body type, it helps to be familiar with the important elements of a dress that dictates how you will look. These elements can make you look taller, slimmer, and curvier when worn appropriately to your body type.

• Cut – There’s a right cut for each body type. Basically, the cut (also called silhouette) is the shape of the dress, which is the most important element that needs to be flattering to you. With the right cut you can show off your best assets, while a wrong one might give you an unflattering look.

• Volume – This is the fullness of a dress that is usually shown in the skirt or sleeves, depending on the style. The volume can help even out the figure. For example, a ball gown can tone down the bottom heaviness of a pear-shaped body.

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• Texture – This refers to the details, the embellishments of the dress, and the layering and variety of the fabrics. The texture can draw or take away attention to certain parts of the body. It can make an area look trimmer or fuller depending on the pattern of beadwork or embroidery.

Your choice for a bridal dress is crucial. It takes more than picking just any style you like. Your choice needs to be an informed decision so that you don’t end up wearing a dress that you’d squirm to look at in your wedding photos in the future.

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