Pop the Question the Geeky Way (Part 1)

Really Cool Ways Guys Got Their Girl To Say an Excited “Yes!”


So you’re ready to pop the big question… then you ask yourself: “How?”

These days, with modern technology and the Internet, proposing has become more creative and something than can easily be shared with the rest of the world.


If you think that a fancy dinner is not special enough for your wedding proposal, then read on and get some inspiration from the creativity and ingenuity shown by the two following techie grooms-to-be. Why did we choose them? Well, why not? These two got a “Yes!” and their stories are sure to get you motivated in making you own special proposal.

Here’s how they did it.

Customized a Video Game

As avid players of video games, Gary Hudston and his girlfriend Stephanie Harbeson had a perfect wedding proposal, which involved the couple’s favorite game, Portal 2. What’s even more surprising was that the plan was not even very difficult to execute: Gary simply contacted the game developers and asked them to create a special level where he can deliver her proposal in-game once Stephanie plays it.


To do this, Gary sought out the team behind the game and requested them to create a special version of it for the proposal. He was even able to convince an actor voicing a character in the game to record a special message for Stephanie. Back in their home, when Stephanie played the customized level, she reached a new level and found a very pleasant surprise. It took 6 weeks of preparation, and it was all worth it as Stephanie said “Yes!”

Danced an Epic Proposal

Another very noteworthy proposal was one inspired by the George Lucas’s sci-fi/fantasy epic Star Wars. Patrick Quiring, obviously a big fan of the series, surprised his girlfriend with a public proposal by organizing a Star Wars costumed flash mob in a pub.


You can take inspiration from your own favorite epic or novel and use it as the theme for your proposal. It would be extra special if your girlfriend is a fan of it as well. Just as how Quiring did it, have an audience to make it grander for your girl. She’ll feel even more special that you would declare your love for her in front of a crowd or a gathering of friends and family – and in full costume at that! The theme will catch her off guard and might keep her from expecting a proposal.

By now, you should have some ideas if any of these proposal (or a variation of it) might work for you and your girlfriend. Just remember that what’s important is to stick to what she likes or your shared interests while making sure that proposal is still all for her.


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