Pop the Question the Geeky Way (Part 2)

Sweet and Fantastic Ways Smart Guys Proposed to Their Girlfriends


Pardon the stereotype, but while most of these “geeks” may have been prey to bullies in school, most of them have become successful after graduation. Not just with career or business but even in getting their girls to say “Yes!” Here are two more cool proposal stories from them.


Created a Special Website

If you know how to make a website, then why not give this idea a try? If a website’s too hard, you can also just create blog or post your proposal on video. This idea is perfect for you and your girl if you are a couple who are frequently online because of work or just because you both enjoy the virtual world. You can upload your couple photos and recreate your love story on the website.


Dave Garr had a lot to say in his proposal, so much so that he made a whole website just for it. There, he expressed why he loves his girlfriend, Elizabeth, with different messages to be found on each page of the site. She clicked through questions that finally led her to Dave’s cyber proposal.

Constructed Meme-Themed Cards

Audrey was sitting in a restaurant with friends when she saw Timothy outside the glass door waving at her. She unknowingly smiled at Timothy who then held out meme-themed cards that stated his proposal to her. Audrey said yes with tears in her eyes as she met Timothy outside the restaurant where he finally went down on his knee and offered her the ring.


It was indeed romantic. But if your girl doesn’t find memes to be funny then it just might spoil everything for her rather than give her butterflies in her stomach. So how about using your favorite comic book? If you have the talent to draw then you can make it yourself otherwise you can hire an artist. Create a short story with your proposal for the comic strip and present it to her via a slide show presentation for friends and family to see. Or have the comic strip bound like a pamphlet or framed and present it to her as a gift.

What makes these proposals smart is not because they used video games or meme cards that are really cool and trendy but because it was really what they loved to do. So don’t even start recreating a popular video game if none of you two even play it! That will take much effort from you that won’t be as natural as it should be.

You can never go wrong in preparing a proposal inspired by what you both enjoy doing as a couple. That should give you a better chance in getting a “Yes!” and you’ll have fun doing it too, despite your nerves.

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