2 Popular Pre-Wedding Photography Destinations Outside Singapore

Your pre-wedding photos need not be confined to the boundaries of Singapore’s landscape. These days, a lot of couples prefer to go to extravagant locations overseas to have their pre-wedding photos, which will be displayed for everyone to see on the wedding day. Like a stop in time, these photos are professionally taken to capture the most beautiful period of your life, the time leading up to your blissful nuptial.

Here we’ve covered two of the most popular pre-wedding photo destinations for Singaporeans.

Perth, Australia

With its proximity to Singapore, its choice as a top pre-wedding photography destination is known to many. The city of lights, sun, surf, and friendly people is a postcard-perfect setting for many couples’ photo shoots.

Groom Kissing Bride

An elegant cityscape and beautiful natural wonders – Perth has a wonderful blend of both. The city center is renowned for iconic structures like the Perth Mint, Swan Bells Tower, Art Gallery of WA and many more tourist attractions, all of which would make exquisite backdrops for the pre-wedding shots. Cottesloe and Scarborough are the places to go for more blue waters in your pictures, with white sandy beaches stretching as far as the eye can see. The famed Swan River is a must-have shooting location in Perth because of how the city’s glittering skyline is reflected in its clear waters.

Chuian Feng from 1950 Photography recalls on a pre-wedding photo shoot they took a few months back. “For Kenneth and Eunice, we went to Perth’s CBD, Frementle, Moora, Swan Valley,” he said. “Basically, we traveled and shot at the same time.”

He added: “The overseas photo shoot experience was fun, memorable and totally enjoyable. Perth has many kinds of backgrounds for wedding photo shoots, ranging from concrete jungles to vineyards, beaches and old historic buildings. The whole stretch of canopy along the way to Moora is an awesome sight.”

For brides who intend to go to Perth for a pre-wedding shoot, Chuian Feng suggests that the best time is September until November, as this is the period of early spring and the weather is the best. He says: “The nature all around us is all decorated with flowers, too. Book for your overseas pre-wedding photo shoot as early as possible as you can save on the airfare if you book early. There are many unforeseen circumstances for overseas photo shoot which is beyond our control (e.g. weather, environment, etc), but as long as we enjoy the shooting process, relax and have fun, the memories are priceless.”


A bigger hit destination amongst wedding couples in recent years for pre-wedding photography is Taiwan. With Taiwan’s government actively promoting tourism between the two countries, and with the popularity of Taiwanese drama serials broadcasting on mainstream television in Singapore, the land of beauty has been seeing more Singapore couples heading over for their wedding photo shoots. There’s a more practical reason for this too: direct flights by airlines are aplenty, and the exchange rates favour Singaporeans who find themselves able to stretch their dollar there. A few hours is all it takes by plane.


Taiwan has many scenic places for wedding photography. With a high concentration of suitable places for wedding photography at the north of Taiwan, couples do not have to travel far between each location to take splendid photographs. Some popular locations are Taipei, Kaohsiung, Taichung and Tainan. The variety of landscapes available as wedding photo backdrops are astounding, ranging from serene nature to the vibrant city life.

Having recently worked there, JazerStudio : Weddings knows the potential situations – both good and bad – that can happen during a pre-wedding photo shoot at Taiwan. The most important thing if things go bad, says JazerStudio producer Irene Long, is to look at the silver lining and have fun.

She recalls their latest work in Taiwan: “Ryan & Jit Lian have possibly got to be the most comical couple I’ve worked with. They really know how to have a good time and so this 3 day shoot in Taiwan was filled with adventure and laughter. We even met with a landslide coming down the mountain and that didn’t stop them from enjoying themselves.”

Taiwan and Australia top the list of most popular pre-wedding photography destinations overseas. We will be introducing more locations for Singapore couples who intend to go overseas for their photo shoots.


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