Pre-wedding Photography Venues

A pre-wedding photography venue has to possess a unique and stunning setting in order to produce photos that will truly inspire and leave a strong memory for the newly-weds. Each pre-wedding photography venue has a distinct quality, and this article serves to shed some insight four overseas locations couples should consider for an overseas photo shoot.


A famous cosmopolitan city located in the heart of the UK. Home to many attractions such as the London Eye (the world’s largest observation wheel), London has a vibrant, happening culture that never fails to excite. More famous locations include the House of Parliament, Royal Museums Greenwich, the Tower of London, Hyde Park and more. London has been a city of hype for the rest of the world these past two years, with three big celebrations held there; The Royal Wedding of Kate Middleton and Prince William, Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee and the London Olympics. A dampener to the vibrant London spirit, however, is often its dreary weather. Grey and somber skies are often expected in London.

However, Chris Ling International Photographers comments on a recently done shoot: “Despite London being famous for its grey, grey weather, Trevor and Christine were, however, blessed with not-so-grey skies during their stop in London, and for once we managed to see her in a more colourful light. Granted, the colours were mainly from graffiti and café signboards.” With the great variety of landscapes and venues in London, one wouldn’t be hard-pressed to get good pre-wedding shots!

Click here to view the video of their journey in London


Another great pre-wedding photography location is Beijing. The Chinese capital is home to many historic locations; for example, the great Forbidden City, known to be the exclusive dwellings of various emperors. Famed for its exquisite architecture, the colours of the Forbidden City – predominantly scarlet red and jade green – really enhance the photographs’ wow factor. Other attractions in Beijing include the 2008 Olympic’s Water Cube and the Bird’s Nest Stadium.

Weelian Photography has a recent pre-wedding shoot in the city with couple Henry and Ruiza. Weelian Photography comments on the theme of the shoot, “The shoot was based on a story of two star-crossed lovers who have eyes for each other but always, just ever so slightly, missed each other’s loving gaze. Fortunately, the story ends well and the lovers meet in the same alley where they unknowingly met before.” The setting of the Forbidden City – brick walls and classic Oriental architecture – really bring out the romantic feel in the photos. Thus, Beijing is an excellent location for pre-wedding, Oriental concept shoots.

Porjus, Sweden

A very unique pre-wedding photo shoot location Porjus in Sweden. 1950 Photography embarked on a pre-wedding photo shoot in this quiet city with couple Jian Yong and Jacqueline, featuring the famous Aurora Borealis. Despite having to take multiple flights to reach their destination, it was all a trip well worth. 1950 Phtography’s Chuian Feng stories that the pictures they’ve captured were taken under total darkness and freezing strong winds, and believes that it showed the team’s amazing mind power and determination.

The Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights, occur in spirals or arcs following the Earth’s magnetic field. The view they create is undeniably panoramic and their photos are often breathtaking. The Northern Lights can only be viewed in the dark, thus, interested couples should expect photo shoots to be conducted at night only. Moreover, the appearance of the Northern Lights is subject to the presence of clouds and the weather. Since the Northern Lights occur at very high altitudes, the sky must be clear and no clouds must be present, lest the Northern Lights get blocked. For those willing to brave the cold weather for the momentous shots, this adventurous journey is for you!

Kyoto, Japan

In the land of the rising sun lies a popular destination for wedding photography. Many Singaporeans go to Kyoto when the flowers are in full bloom to have the blossoms featured in their wedding photos. Rex from Luv Addict Photography explained, “We chose to shoot in April because of sakura [cherry blossoms] and we were lucky to have timed the shoot on 5th April 2012 because all the sakura flowers were in full bloom then. Kyoto is an old city in Japan, so most of the shooting locations were temples.”

He advises on the bridal wear: “One thing to take note is that most of the temples do not allow the brides to wear their bridal gown while doing the shoot, so brides may consider wearing a Kimoro costume at the temple instead. The Kimono can be rented there. Lastly, since Kyoto is not a big city, the couple could take a train or cab from one location to another.” Imagine your pre-wedding photographs having the setting of lush, baby pink cherry blossoms in full bloom – a perfect, Oriental picture of bliss and flora would be captured! This would certainly be an album to keep for a lifetime.

There are many possible locations to consider when planning for a pre-wedding photoshoot. Each location has its own unique cultural element, especially when doing an overseas shoot. It all boils down to your budget and the theme you have in mind. So before you set the date for your next overseas holiday, check with your photographer to see if he will be going for a destination photography trip. That way you can strike two birds with one stone!

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