Qihui & Terence – A Dance Floor Romance

Featuring Newly Weds:

Bride: Qihui Lin, Partner
Groom: Terence Tan, Account Management

Tied the knot on: 15 October 2011

Swaying Hearts

Qihui and Terence were both just beginning to learn salsa when they met. They were from different classes, actually, but one day Qihui’s group decided to join a different session to get more practice – and that was how she met Terence.

There was no love at first dance. Though they were good dance partners, they remained nothing more than just friends. Then one night during a difficult time in Qihui’s life, while they were on the dance floor, Terence felt something deeper for her. He felt something magical during that dance, and he confessed so to Qihui. A few months later, they were still a dance couple, but this time also each other’s sweethearts.

Lovesick Proposal

The proposal happened during the couple’s 3 day vacation trip in Batam. Supposedly, their plan was just to pamper themselves with massages and indulge in cheap, delicious food. But the setting was just perfect for a proposal: the sky was blue, the sea clear, and a gentle breeze continuously blew through their room.

Unfortunately, Qihui had gotten sick from the travel and had to stay in bed. But, in a way, it worked out for the best as it gave Terence time to prepare their room for his proposal. When Qihui finally got up, she found that all over the walls of their room, Terence had posted pictures of 101 reasons why he loves her, and beside her Terence knelt with the ring in his hand.

Despite still feeling a little groggy, Qihui fully appreciated what he had done for her and was very touched by all Terence’s efforts and sincerity. She accepted his proposal, of course, and by the time they went back to Singapore, she was feeling a much better and, now, more excited than ever about their future as a couple.

Under the Weather

The couple thought that it would be a memorable and unique experience to shoot outside of Singapore, and indeed it was – although probably not in the way they planned. For their outdoor shots, they and their photographer had to work under a cold and rainy weather.

But that didn’t dampen the spirits of the couple, who decided to treat the challenges as an adventure. Qihui describes the details of the day best: “We encountered fog at Yang Ming Shan, climbed up trees in a temple, crawled down icy streams, ran along the windy beach and finally managed to find gorgeous cherry blossoms on our second trip up Yang Ming Shan.”

Thankfully, they were excellently attended by their assistants, especially Qihui’s make-up artist who helped her get ready through each set of the photo-shoot and made sure that she was feeling well. The couple ended their day sharing Taiwan’s street-food delights with their friendly and accommodating staff.

Back to the Dance Floor

“We took considerable efforts to infuse our personalities into our wedding,” Qihui says, “as we hoped our guests will not only enjoy the beautiful set up of the gorgeous Crowne Plaza ballroom but also walk away knowing more about the bride and the groom and our story.”

To help their guests know more about them, the couple placed scrapbooks they’ve made for each other along with their wedding album for their guests to flip through. A unique feature of the wedding was that the couple did not show a photo montage but instead delivered a salsa performance in lieu of a first march in.

For their second march in, all the brothers and sisters joined the couple and Terence sang along to Seal’s “Amazing”. At the end of the night, everyone had enjoyed themselves – especially the bride and groom. The guests complimented the couple for the great choice of venue and the delicious meal.

Asked what they consider to be most special about her wedding, the couple believes it was definitely their dance. “We’ve always known we’ll do a wedding dance for our big day,” Qihui says, “and it will be salsa as that is how we met and then fell in love.”

Choreographed by their private instructors, they danced to the Glee version of “Just the Way You Are” (a special song for the couple) as a way to let their friends and families see their dancing skills and remember how it all started. Qihui says, “When we did our performance, it was amazing – just like that magical dance we had five years ago.”

Bridal Studio:
– Actual Day: Amanda Lee Weddings
– Pre-wedding: Judy Wedding (Taipei)
Suit: Amanda Lee Weddings
Photographer: Raymond Phang
Make up Artist: Sophia Chia
Venue: Crowne Plaza Hotel

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