QiuQiu and Josh – A Blogger’s Happily Ever After

Hong QiuTing, Blogger
Joshua Tan, Photographer
Said ‘Yes, I Do’ on: 9 December, 2012

The Happy Couple

QiuTing and Joshua make an excellent couple, and it’s easy to see why. A lifestyle blogger and star of her own online reality show, QiuQiu is the perfect partner for Josh, a senior photographer. Everything was going well for them, but having been together for close to seven years, QiuQiu was starting to wonder when they’ll ever get married. As it turned out, it was closer than she thought.

The Surprise Proposal

With the help of QiuQiu’s best friends, Josh had actually been working out on his proposal. Taking hints from QiuQiu’s own remarks, he purchased her ideal engagement ring – a large diamond ring with a heart-shaped cut – and booked a party at the classy White Rabbit restaurant. Along with their friends, he cooked up an elaborate story that got QiuQiu very excited about getting a free delicious course of foie gras or risotto.

But instead she got something better. After a long time of anticipation, when QiuQiu finally removed the cover of her plate, she only found a box containing the diamond engagement ring and a message written in chocolate sauce that read “Will you marry me?” Soon their other friends burst in carrying a large banner that contains a drawing of the couple and their message of congratulations. “I was so surprised!” QiuQiu remembers, even though she was already expecting him to propose sometime soon. “It was the sweetest chocolate sauce I have ever tasted.”

The Dream Maker

Few people actually understand the full details of what wedding planners do. Gushing with appreciation towards Clarice from Eternally Yours, QuiQui explains that nearing the wedding, she increasingly appreciated what wedding planners do as the bride herself did not have much time to look into every detail of the wedding. Speaking about Clarice, QiuQiu says “She is the one helping me tie up loose ends, making sure everything is in order and reminding me again and again about things I have to take note of!”

All Dressed in White

With La Belle Couture by their side from the very beginning, QiuQiu had nothing to worry about. The passionate team consisting of Peiru, Jacqueline and the chief designer from Labelle couture walked through the entire gown selection process with QiuQiu and Josh – from the design to the gown material selection, all the time ensuring that no detail was overlooked. A separate gown selection date was also specially arranged for her photoshoot gown selection, to ensure that the right dress was chosen. The result was an ecstatic QiuQiu full of praises for the dress that she donned during the photoshoot, as she exclaimed excitedly on her blog “I especially LOVE this feather corset gown!!!”

A Mixture of Talents

For their pre-wedding photoshoot, QiuQiu and Josh worked together to create a uniquely beautiful album that uses their different set of skills – QiuQiu’s when it comes to style and modeling, and Josh’s when it comes to framing the shots. The album uses three motifs: dark and mysterious, bright vintage and ethereal. Labelle Couture customized the wedding dress of QuiQui’s dreams, with inputs from the bride herself, who designed one of her gowns to have a detachable vest and train to reveal a cute, bubbly dress with a tutu skirt.

Gifts from Sponsors

What makes QiuQiu and Josh’s wedding unique is that it was graciously sponsored by many wedding merchants in Singapore. Everything was orchestrated and brought together to great effect by the wedding planners of Eternally Yours. LaBelle Couture provided the bride’s gowns and the groom’s suits; meanwhile, other services such as the flowers and decor design, bridesmaids dresses, photography, instant-print photobooth, entertainment, dessert bar and candy station, wedding favors, makeup and couple’s hairdos were all sponsored by various wedding companies in Singapore.

“Me and Josh saved a huge bomb thanks to these guys,” QiuQiu says gratefully, “I estimated the total sponsorship fee to be at least $25k, based on the lowest estimation.”

Finally, the Big Day

Everything happened perfectly on QiuQiu and Josh’s wedding. It was a cozy gathering held at Skyve Elementary Bistro & Bar, and under the management of the event planners, everything was set-up by 6:30PM, well ahead of schedule. Following a floral and pastel theme that was exquisitely designed and executed, it was an untraditional wedding, but one that perfectly suits the couple’s unique style.

Highlights of the wedding include the beautiful bridesmaids who wore tailored dresses of similar designs but in different colors, the groom who was dressed in a dapper suit with bowtie, and of course the bride who shone even more beautifully on her wedding day. It was a star-studded event, with well-known Singapore bloggers like Xiaxue playing a part in overseeing the wedding, and Sophie Willcoq as one of QiuQiu’s bridesmaids. A unique feature of the wedding was the couple’s vows, which were written by the couples themselves. The solemnisation was then immediately followed by the tea ceremony. Every guest said that the wedding was beautifully done, which is echoed in the comments of QiuQiu’s blog and Facebook page by hundreds of friends and followers who wished her well.

“I think it’s one of the days I’m really, really super major happy,” says QiuQiu, who believes her wedding day is a day of miracles. “I’m a happy person on most days but this is just one of those days I can’t even adequately describe how truly happy I am.”

Wedding Planner: Eternally Yours
Bridal Studio and Groom’s Suit: Labelle Couture
Photography: Moments by Edmund
Florist / Decor designer – Assemble Happinest
Bride and Groom’s Hair: Cleo Hair Make
Make Up: YSL
Venue: Skyve Elementary Bistro & Bar

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