Reasons for Getting an Amateur Wedding Videographer

The most sought after wedding videographers all started as novice in their chosen career. Through optimising their talent, coupled with diligence and commitment to learn the ins and outs of wedding videography, they are able to make a name for themselves and get alongside the respected and top earning videographers in their area, if not around the world.

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It is their persistence to prove their worth that make mater videographers and prospective clients take notice of them, and their talent most especially. If not for those people they wouldn’t get the break that every aspiring wedding videographer needs to be considered professional or at least credible in this field. So does this mean that every amateur videographer should be given the chance to film a wedding? The answer is both yes and no. When do bridal couples should say yes to a novice photographer, then?

Bridal couples should agree to get the service of a newbie when…

1. The amateur is undeniably talented and is currently working under the supervision of a professional videographer

Talent is a big factor when it comes to rendering creative services filming a wedding, but it is not everything that make a videographer thrive in this industry. There is also the business side of videography that any newbie should learn about if he or she wants to stay competitive in this industry.

Being under the supervision of a professional mentor is the best way of learning these things as the latter can show them how to do things every step of the way. These amateurs are not really completely lacking in experience when it comes to wedding videography. They wouldn’t be able to have the chance to get mentoring from a professional videographer in the first place if they don’t have something to be proud of under their belt.

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It could be winning top prize of a prestigious wedding videography contest, or rendering freelance services and getting great feedback from bridal clients, and so on. It’s understandable that they may not be entrusted to capture the wedding video all by themselves yet. They may be assigned to capture moments that are worthy same-day-edit video material, or capture video snapshots that can be used for post video editing.

2. The novice videographer has proven his worth many times already even if he’s working independently

There are extremely talented upcoming videographers that don’t want to join established companies and rather want to do it independently. It’s not a big deal especially when they can deliver what they promise, as long as they are consistent. Since they don’t have assistants yet it would be a smart thing for bridal couples to ask how many weddings they book in a month or a year.

Wedding videographers don’t only capture wedding moments on film, but also edit it which often takes time to finish it. Even those talented videographers who seem to be at their best when they are working independently also needs to have effective time management plan in order to avoid overlapping of schedules and appointments.

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The biggest advantage of hiring independent novice videographers is that they tend to focus more on honing their talent than their product. At the moment their goal is to capture videos that would be worthy referral material, unlike established wedding videographers whose goals are more directed at enhancing their products.

3. The amateur videographer requests to capture pre-wedding video for free or a minimum fee

A friend or a relative that has a talent in videography, and is aspiring to penetrate the industry, can be given a break by granting their request to capture one aspect of wedding videography such as pre-wedding video. A pre-wedding video is like a short film that is captured with great cinematic perspective, or like a music video with the couple as the “talents”.

It would be easier for bridal couples to agree in this kind of arrangement if the friend or relative has done a few similar videos and it is rendered like a pro. It could also be the friend or the relative is already working in the same line of work, like filming commercial ads, and want to shift in wedding videography.

Pre-wedding videos is just the perfect choice for an aspiring videographer friend or relative to work on. It is less risky since most of it will be directed, and he or she can just add video snapshots from the actual event.

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This way couples can see how their budding videographer friend fare in terms of capturing directed and spontaneous wedding moments without them risking their chance of having great wedding video. It would be a win-win situation as the bridal couple gets to cut back on videography cost and the aspiring videographer gets to shoot a film that he or she can add to their portfolio.

4. When the bridal couple are not keen on having a wedding video and just want to give it a try

Established wedding videographers charge higher than novice ones, so it would be a more practical option for couples to choose amateur videographers for their wedding videography. As long as the amateur photographer has the right equipment, and has a few great sample films, quality wouldn’t be a problem. If the videographer is working independently, couples should make sure that the photographer they hire meet with the videographer.

They will be working together on the actual day, so it’s important that they know each other’s basic game plan to make their work easy and merge them seamlessly. Bridal couples should also not tell directly the amateur videographer that they are hiring him or her just because they want to give it a try. It can be a little “degrading” on the part of the videographer, and it won’t help in boosting the videographer’s confidence.

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If the videographer’s sample films can very much speak of his or her ability to pull off a memorable wedding video, then there’s no need to mention things like that. After all, it is the trust and confidence of prospective bridal clients that give them reasons to believe that they have what it takes to be a top notch wedding videographer.

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