Rustic Table Centrepieces You Can DIY


There are objects – often everyday items – that at first look wouldn’t look like it could be a point of attraction. But just dress them up, adorn them with some flowers and other accessories, and they can help set the theme and mood bridal couples want for their reception venue.

Small jars, bird cages, terrarium and window boxes are just a few examples of them. These containers won’t normally be considered as beautiful centrepieces, but when applied with creativity they can be used in multitude of fun arrangements.

Little Jars


Humble jam jars or mason jars are actually very versatile. They make pretty substitutes for mason jars, which has become a DIY wedding staple. These little jars are easy to find and collect.

To use it as a table centrepiece, just fill it up with flowers of different colours and types, or other unique items like fruits and candies. Then tie a soft and light coloured fabric near the opening of the jar to hold the flowers in place. To make it look more rustic, put it on top of a tree trunk next to an accessory like tea lights. Other materials that can be used to add rustic touches are burlap, twine and lace.

Window Box

Arrange a small stainless rustic window box with flowers like baby’s breath and mix with succulents to add a soft texture to this rustic centrepiece. To make this arrangement, pile books horizontally at the back of the arrangement (and another at the opposite side, this time vertically) and place the window box on top of the horizontally piled books.

Place two large mugs with the initials of the bride and the groom in front, a small candle next to it, and a tall coloured empty bottle at the back of the mugs and in-between the pile of books. Complete the setup with little party banners. Stick the little wood on the floral foam filled inside the window box and the other in-between the vertically piled books. Wrap the vertically piled books with a cloth to secure its position.



Terrariums are becoming a focal piece in romantic gardens and rustic vintage-themed weddings. As wedding centrepiece, terrariums bring a sense of romance and simplistic elegance to reception venues. Not only is it a unique and simple way to adorn reception tables, it is also inexpensive.

To create a terrarium, first find a glass container that suit the theme of the wedding. (Delicate glass lanterns will make a good choice for rustic and vintage chic weddings.) Then, prepare all the ingredients: pebbles or small rocks, fresh oil, charcoal, accessories and fresh moss. Once the container and the ingredients are ready, start placing the rocks on the bottom of the container. Make it at least one or two inches in height.

Then, sprinkle charcoals on the rock, add soil on top of the charcoal, and put the moss. After putting these four essential layers in place, arrange accessories to make the terrarium unique. Plants, animal figurines, beads and seashells can be used in decorating the terrarium. Example of plants suitable for a terrarium are African violet, succulents and cacti.

Water Pitcher

Finding old and rustic water pitchers can be easy, but finding a set of uniform rustic and vintage pitchers may not. But there’s another DIY solution to this dilemma. To create a rustic water pitcher, buy simple water pitchers and transform them into a pewter or silver centrepiece by spraying it with metallic acrylic paints. Arrange flowers to soften its rustic appearance.

Branch Centrepiece


Bridal couples who want the authentic look of the countryside and be true to their rustic theme can forget about vintage water pitcher and elegant vase for their centrepiece. Instead, they can go for twisted branches, perch it on a wooden trunk and attach a few colourful silk flowers to the end of the branches. Arranging this on a long table will make guests think of the outdoors and the countryside.

To do this, first cover the long table with a light brown linen as base layer. For the second layer, put a chocolate brown linen in horizontal position; and for the third layer in vertical position. Place the branch on the spot where the second and third layer intersect. Wrap the wooden trunk with a dark chocolate linen, then surround it with small clear glasses filled with candles.

Floral Bird’s Nest

Rustic centrepieces are not only sweet and simple, they can be adorable too. To achieve this adorable rustic centrepiece, start by finding a large bird’s nest and then adorn it with flowers and foliage. Use wild flowers and grass as fillers.

The primary flowers should be huge and white, while the fillers should be small. It can also be filled with succulent plants and stones for a more natural look. Place stone birds next to it and a candle holder in front of the arrangement to complete this arrangement.

Birch Logs

Bring out the beauty in a tree log – and at the same time complement the rustic wedding theme – with actual hollowed logs on the long table adorned with bouquets of flowers.

To make this arrangement, lay several logs on the long table and adorn it with flowers like white roses and hydrangeas. Put tall glass jars alongside the logs; fill it with water and put candles to float. On the corner where the log is placed, put a taller and bigger white clear jar and fill it with water and candle too. Then put small candle containers in-between the tall glass jars. The setting will look more romantic when the candles are lit.


Like the rustic bird’s nest, this unique centrepiece element can also be filled with anything. So how it would be adorned will be completely up to the couple’s preference. Some couples may want only simple adornments like flowers, foliage and a few candles, while some will go the extra mile to make its rustic look authentic. Couples that want to go all out with the rustic feel of their birdcage can fill it with moss, twigs and little birds.

Ordinary and unassuming – these is how containers used for DIY rustic centrepieces often look like. But once adorned and accessorised, they can be as beautiful and as versatile as other expensive materials used for centrepieces for reception tables.

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