Should I Hire a Wedding Emcee?


The emcee or the master of ceremonies plays a very important part on the success of a wedding reception. In some wedding receptions, the emcee even becomes the deciding factor whether the guests remember a wedding with fondness or with a touch of dismay. Read on to understand more about hiring a wedding emcee, and decide for yourself whether it is a good investment to make.

Capable Organizer

How the wedding reception runs – whether or not it follows proper pacing and the right sequence of events – is the main responsibility of the emcee. The wedding emcee doesn’t just introduce the principal guests and participants of the wedding (although that is his main duty), the emcee is also tasked with directing the flow of the program, making sure everyone follows the schedule, and informing or reminding guests of important details of the show – all this while making sure he throws in a joke every now and then.

Entertaining the Crowd

While it will have moments of solemnity, the wedding reception is foremost a party and people go to parties to be entertained and have a merry time. Making sure that they do so is another task of the emcee. This can be a little more difficult here in Singapore where wedding receptions are attended by guests of different ages, backgrounds and even ethnicity. But whatever mix the audience may be, the emcee should be able to rouse their enthusiasm and find the perfect balance of entertainment for everyone.

Getting an Amateur Emcee

There are people who have a natural talent for engaging people and cracking jokes. If you know such a person – maybe a relative or a friend of yours – you can consider asking him to be the emcee at your wedding reception. In Singapore, this can be a particularly good idea if you’re having an informal or intimate reception where only your families and closest friends are in attendance. However, the cons of doing so are that amateur emcees may not know how to handle unexpected situations when they arise. He may also say inappropriate things on the spur of the moment when they happen due to his inexperience, which can easily sour a wedding.

A Pleasing Personality

Your guests are more likely to enjoy what you have prepared for them if the person presenting your program – that is, your emcee – has a likeable character. He or she should be presentable (or better yet, attractive), charming but sincere, speak in a clear voice, display a confident manner, and have a good sense of humor. The jokes, it should be emphasized, is very important as these will put your guests at ease and make them enjoy their time.

Spontaneous but in Control

Spontaneity is important to an emcee, but it should not come at the cost of losing the order of the event. A good emcee should be able to react smartly and with finesse to unexpected circumstance – usually done with the use of humor – and guide the party to its intended program without offending or embarrassing anyone. Also, no matter how amusing the guests may find him or her, the emcee should always make sure that the bride and the groom are still the stars of the show.

Hiring a Professional Emcee

There are a lot of professional emcees in Singapore, many of which have built a career on public speaking or as entertainers. The advantage of hiring a professional emcee is that because of their long experience they have developed the essential talents necessary for their job. Additionally, it’s pretty easy to spot a professional emcee, and when your guests see that you’ve hired a pro, they will know that you have really prepared your reception for them and they would feel grateful for it.

Thus, if you’re planning your wedding reception, make sure to have an emcee in it and that he or she has all the important qualities of a good host.

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