Should You Choose Hotel or Restaurant for Your Wedding Banquet?

So you’re done choosing your pre-nuptial photography package, you’ve booked the venue for the solemnisation, and now you’re torn between choosing a hotel or a restaurant for your wedding reception.

A wedding reception in a hotel appears more glamorous than one held in a restaurant. The vast interior and luxurious settings – not to mention the suite awaiting you after the event – make hotels seem like the best choice for wedding receptions in Singapore.


However, restaurants have something to offer that hotels cannot. In restaurants you are assured that your guests will enjoy the food, especially if your choice is one that is reputed for whipping up really great meals. Whereas in hotels, you wouldn’t know how good (or bad) the food they serve until the wedding day.

Here are some other comparisons between hotels and restaurants as the venue for the wedding reception:


The inherent glamour of hotels make its cost naturally higher than restaurants. Expect also that anything added to improve the setting to make it more posh will reflect as an extra charge on your bill. You can expect shelling out 40 percent more for a hotel wedding banquet in Singapore than in one held in a restaurant.


Food is definitely a top concern of guests when they attend a wedding. If you’ve been a guest at a wedding more than once in your life, then you’ll know how it feels to sit amidst a very polished wedding venue only to be served with lousy food. In fact, for most guests, lousy food may be a bigger turn off than a crappy reception area. In the end, you can only tell how well a wedding venue handles its culinary services through your prior experiences.


The Suite

For many people, the hotels’ luxurious suite is its biggest draw. A grand suite included in the package is simply hard to resist, given the convenience it would give to the couple. From having a private room to change in, to a place of refuge for you and your spouse-to-be after a long day, the hotel suite makes for a very attractive feature.

There are also changing rooms in restaurants but they are often small and you’ll probably be sharing it with other family members that need to change their attires before the banquet. And just how inconvenient would it to change your dress in a restroom? This can happen in restaurants.


Parking Space

The lack of parking space can be a major spoiler to such a happy event like weddings. This can be attested by those who have experienced circling for hours looking for a parking space, causing them to miss half of the ceremony. Restaurants and small hotels may encounter this problem, but having a parking plan would help eliminate it.

The fact that you’re considering these two venues means you can afford either of them. When it comes to the final verdict, it all boils down to how much you’re willing to spend for your wedding banquet. If you have limitless budget, then a hotel would be unmatched with a restaurant.

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