Simple Ways Bridesmaids Can Help the Bride

It’s an honor to be a bridesmaid, especially to a very close friend. You’ve been through a lot of things with her and on what would be the most special moments of her life, she still wants to experience them with you. Now that you have a big role in the wedding, you might feel a little tense wondering how to play that part well. Relax: here are some easy ways you can be a bridesmaid any girl friend would be happy to have.


Suggest, but never complain. If you disagree about something in your dress or in some other aspects of the wedding, voice it out but avoid stressing it to the point that it might offend other people, especially the bride. Make your suggestions helpful and say them politely. Keep in mind that the bride is already thinking of what’s best for her wedding and her bridal party.

Offer to pay for your own dress. As you know, the wedding can be quite costly to your soon-to-be-wedded friends, so help them save on their wedding budget by offering to pay for your own dress. Just think that if you were just a regular guest, you would still have buy a dress to wear for the occasion, right? If you’d still spend something, it might as well be for your bridesmaid dress.

Organize a fun bridal shower. Plan with the other bridesmaids for a memorable party as your gift for your bride friend. Some fun bridal shower ideas are taking a short vacation, pampering yourselves at a spa, and even by having a shopping spree. Make sure to plan for an activity that she will enjoy and, ideally, that will take her mind off the difficulties of wedding planning. Speaking of…

Help with the wedding planning. Even though you may not be the best in coming up with great wedding ideas, just being present for the bride will help her deal with the pressures from the wedding planning. You can also be a big help by offering to do things for her like buying stuffs, posting invites, and other small things that will make coordinating the wedding much lighter.


Be prepared and come on time. Make sure that you make reservations on your schedule for the wedding and the other events it involves, which may include the wedding rehearsal and shopping for the bride’s wedding dress. Always be on time whenever you have appointments with the bride. That’s a sign of commitment in your role of being a bridesmaid.

Entertain the wedding guests. Entertain guests when they arrive at the ceremony and at the reception. You don’t want the bride to be minding you at that moment. Be present at the venue earlier so that you could assist and welcome the guests. Enjoy the party too since you’re celebrating your friend’s happiness, but don’t get too drunk or do anything overly dramatic that you would steal the spotlight off the newlyweds.

Entertain the wedding guests. Meet the guests when they arrive at the ceremonial venue and at the reception banquet. Arrive earlier so that you could welcome them and help those who may need some assistance. By making the guests feel at ease, you will greatly improve the mood of the event. Trust us, your friend will be so thankful to you for that.


Practice your wedding roles. Prepare all the items you will need for the gate-crashing and everything else that follows after. It will also be helpful if you familiarize yourself with the sequence of events. If the couple has asked you to make a speech at the party, come up with good things to say and practice it until you can deliver it flawlessly.

Show your love for the bride. Lastly, be happy for the bride and make every effort to support her on her big day. Do what you can to make her wedding a big success and, when your time comes, know that you can also count on her to help you plan and execute your own wedding.

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