Singapore Wedding Photo Shoot Locations

Magnificent gardens, historical sites, modern landscapes, charming little-known nooks and much more — there’s no shortage of beautiful photo shoot locations in the country. Whatever your taste may be and whatever style you might want for your wedding photos, there’s a perfect place for it in the City of Lion. Here we present our top 100 spots in Singapore where you can immortalize your love through photography.

1. Henderson Waves


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With the ravishing architecture of the Henderson Bridge your pre-wedding photo shoot will have a dash of glamour and sophistication. The series of undulating curves of this 274-metre bridge will also add some art to your photographs while the luscious greenery of the nearby Mount Faber and HortPark can also add a romantic touch. You can have your photo shoot either in the day or night.

The Henderson Waves takes a magical transformation during the night time as the LED lights are switched and constantly changes its color from 2pm to 2am. If you want to experience the best of both worlds, you can schedule your photo shoot at 7pm where the sun romantically sets and end it at 9pm so you can have a grasp of the twinkling LED lights.

2. Singapore Flyer


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This gigantic structure will add a luxurious and glamorous touch to your pre-wedding photo shoot. You can have the Singapore Flyer as your backdrop or you may choose to have your pre-wedding photo shoot in one of the 28 capsules of the flyer. As your capsule reach the peak, you can blast those camera flashes and turn the astonishing aerial view of Singapore as the backdrop for your pre-wedding photo.

You can satisfy your crave for height and scenery as you ride the Singapore Flyer for approximately 45 minutes.

3. HortPark


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You can have different theme locations in your pre-wedding or wedding photo shoot as you make use of the 21 different themed gardens at HortPark. In each garden you can assure that it will give a tranquil and joyful touch to your photographs. If you want to have a classic pre-wedding photograph you can have your photo sessions at the Silver Garden wherein only silver, grey and white plants bloom. If you want to have a fairy tale-like atmosphere to your photographs, you can have your photo shoot at the enchanting Garden of Seasons wherein it houses a colourful collection of plants.

If you are planning to conduct your photo shoot in this location, it is advisable to check first the availability of the spots you love because HortPark caters a lot of events thus, making some lawns unavailable. You can have your photo sessions from 6am to 10pm for the park is only open during this time.

4. Labrador Park


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The Labrador Park offers a perfect combination of a luscious flora and fauna, amusing history and an astonishing view of the sea. This place is a perfect spot for couples who want to have a photo session in a place filled with history because this park possess numerous concealed relics of the infamous World War II. Thus, you can make use of the relics during your photo shoot and this will automatically lend a vintage touch to your photos.

5. Upper Seletar Reservoir


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The fresh air in the reservoir can unleash your creative and fun side. With the vast open space in the reservoir, you can surely do a lot of things during the photo shoot. You can have a picnic themed photo shoot, a childlike feel photo shoot, and you can make use of parasol, balloons, and all other stuff that will come to your mind. You can also have a fun time together with the long-tailed macaques that reside in the area. This reservoir can accommodate you from 7am to 7pm daily.

If you are still up for an adventure after the photo shoot, you can go to the Mandai Orchid Garden, Singapore Zoo and Night Safari for they are just located near the reservoir.

6. MacRitchie Reservoir


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If you want to have a laid back but refreshing take to your pre-wedding photo shoot, the MacRitchie Reservoir is the best spot for you. This reservoir has a lush green environment and is home of a wide variety of wildlife. This reservoir is also considered as one of Singapore’s first reservoir.

The HSBC TreeTop Walk suspension bridge in the reservoir can add an adventurous look to your photographs. Moreover, the view in the bridge adds a refreshing impression to your photos since it offers a panoramic view of the luxurious tropical forest.

If you are planning to conduct your photo shoot at this place, be sure that you are equipped rubber shoes for you will encounter some muddy terrain and you might also hike a bit.

7. Singapore River


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If you want to have a tranquil and scenic view in your photographs, you might like consider Singapore River as your location for your pre-wedding photo shoot. There is a unique juxtaposition of the serene Singapore river and the buildings at the Shenton Way. Moreover, the stunning architectural design of the Anderson Bridge can provide a classic look to your photographs.

8. Marina Bay Area


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The Marina Bay Area will surely provide a classical and luxurious spank to your pre-wedding photo shoot. The Marina Bay Area is filled with magnificent architectural designs of buildings such as the, Esplanade, Anderson bridge, National Museum and other establishments. Moreover, it is filled bursting warm colored lights that will certainly give a romantic feel to your photos and a shooting experience that is distinctively Singaporean.

9. Chinatown


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If you want to have a feel of Victorian and baroque architectural atmosphere to your pre-wedding photo shoot Chinatown is the spot for you. Moreover, if you want to have a playful touch to your pre-wedding photo you can have your pose at the busy streets of Chinatown.

10. Ann Siang Hill


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Add a playful touch to your pre-wedding photo shoot by acting as if you are buying something at the shops, getting a drink at the beer counters or selling some books along Ann Siang Hill. The Ann Siang Hill provides a country-like feel to your wedding photo shoot. You can bring some fancy props to add some creative and fun side to your wedding photo.

11. Little India


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Little India is filled with luxurious Hindu temples and enticing shops – these will serve as a perfect backdrop of your photographs if you want to showcase the rich culture of Singapore. If you want to add an exciting and fun touch to your photos, you can easily rent a trishaw. You can also have a photo session near or inside the spice shop to add some texture and color to you photo shoot.

12. Underwater World Sentosa


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The Underwater World at Sentosa will definitely give your photos a combination of fun, tranquillity and romance as the underwater creatures serve as your backdrop. The natural bluish lighting will sooth your nerves and will provide a passionate effect to your photographs. This wedding photo shoot venue will make you feel that you are the prince or princess of the water world. This oceanarium is the home of 2,500 marine lives.

13. Raffles Marina


Courtesy of Raffles Marina’s Facebook page

The Raffles Marina is haven among couples who want to have a romantic and majestic atmosphere to their pre-wedding photo shoot. The sea and the yachts in the dock will serve as the backdrop of your photographs. The ideal photo shoot is during the setting of the sun wherein there is a slight golden glow in the horizon. If you opt to have your wedding photo shoot at daylight, you can cross the bridge towards the lighthouse. This will surely give a romantic feel to your photo.

14. Sunset Way Railway Track


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The abandoned Sunset Way Railway Track gives a romantic and exciting vibe to your wedding shoot photographs. The railway truck and the luscious greeneries in the surrounding give it a photogenic touch.

This abandoned old railway track goes through Sunset Way, but you can best access it from Clementi Avenue 4.

15. Pulau Ubin


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Filled with luscious greeneries and majestic view of the sea your wedding photos will surely have a touch of nature’s tranquillity and purity. Pulau Ubin is just 15 minutes away and can be reached by boat. You can have a fairy tale concept, paradise island concept or castaway concept in your pre-wedding photo shoot in this island.

16. Chek Jawa Wetlands


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You can set-up your photo shoot along the picturesque and refreshing view of the mangroves in the Boardwalk of the Check Jawa Wetlands. This wetlands is rich in flora and fauna and will certainly add a phenomenal impression to your photographs. If you want to have a scenic overview of the Chek Jawa Wetlands, you can always go to the Viewing Tower and Viewing Jetty.

17. Changi Boardwalk


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The calm sea, dazzling lights, warm breeze and the scenic view of the horizon at the Changi Boardwalk offers a serene and passionate touch to your wedding pictures. You can choose four different backdrops at the Changi Boardwalk. If you want to have a splendid view of the sunset and huge boulders you can choose the Sunset walk. If you opt to have a picture of kelong stilts built over the crystal clear sea, go to the Kelong Walk. The Cliff Walk allows you to walk on the lush greenery located below the hilltop chalets. Lastly, you can always set up at Changi Sailing Club wherein you will have a panoramic view of open seas.

18. Universal Studios


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If you want to have a young and adventurous vibe to your pre-wedding photos, you can always choose Universal Studios as you to have your photo shoot venue. Isn’t exciting to have Shrek’s castle as your background or have a Sci-fi themed wedding photo. You can choose 7 themes for your wedding shoot at the Universal Studios, for they have 7 different themed zones such as the Madagascar, Hollywood, New York, Sci-fi City, Ancient Egypt, The Lost World and Far Far Away, and this only means that you can also have 7 unique backdrops for your photographs.

19. Punggol Beach


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The rocky shoreline at the Punggol Beach gives additional texture to your photographs while the vibrant sun gives additional warmth. The sunrise at Punggol Beach adds a soothing effect and romantic touch to your wedding other than that, it gives a picture perfect outcome. You can bring those shawls, balloon and parasol as your props for the wedding photo shoot.

20. Tanjong Beach Club


Courtesy of Tanjong Beach Club’s Facebook page

Tanjong Beach Club provides a classic, laid-back and lavish vibe to your wedding photo shoot location. If you want to experience a wonderful photo shoot and a vacation at the same time you will surely enjoy the pristine shore-line, restaurants and bars at this beach club. Enjoy the striking view of the sand, the gushing waves and the tranquil view of the seas as your photographer captures your candid moments.

21. Southern Ridges


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The trail of Southern ridges offers numerous scenic viewpoints such as the Henderson Waves, downtown Singapore, the tranquil harbour and all other spots. This venue will provide a fresh and vibrant vibe to your photographs most especially when you are in the elevated bridges and trails that connect the parks of Mount Faber via Telok Blangah Hill and Kent Ridge Park towards Clementi Woods in the west. Moreover, you might also get a chance to have a glimpse over the captivating animals in the green corridor. As you have your photo session, you can also have your own tour at Sembcorp Forest of Giants, Forest Walk and Singing.

22. Arab Street


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Arab street offers a rustic and classic vibe to your photos as the ancient architectures of the buildings finds its way to your photographs. The Arab street is filled with history since it is known that Singapore’s civilization started in this spot. After your photo shoot, you can have a shopping spree at the old shop houses and buy some affordable yet quality and noteworthy products.

23. Seletar Airbase


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Let the vast open space of the Slestar Airbase be filled with your creative ideas for your photo shoot. This place is best if you schedule you photo shoot as the sun rises or at sunset. Since the Seletar Airbase is home of chartered flights, you can have a theme that is closely related to this. You can appear as a pilot or flight attendant in your photographs.

24. Botanic Gardens


Courtesy of Singapore Botanic Garden’s Facebook page

The Botanic Gardens is filled with majestic structures, grandiose looking lush greeneries and tranquil ambiance. This photo shoot venue will give a fairy tale touch to your wedding photos. Moreover, you can create a lot of themes for your wedding photo shoot if you decide to have it in this location. The Botanic Gardens certainly has no shortage of sceneries. You can also have your photo shoot on the romantic gazebos.

25. National Museum of Singapore


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You can have the museum as your backdrop for you photo shoot. This will certainly add a classical touch to your photograph as the classical and modern architecture of the Museum enlace its beauty to your photo. After the wedding you can always have a tour inside the National Museum to quench your thirst for information and history.

26. Pasir Ris Park


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The Park has vast different fields. It is perfect if you opt for a picnic or fun themed wedding photo shoot. You can make use of the pony rides, inline skating, do cycling and some water sports in Pasir Ris Park. If you want to have a touch of nature to your photographs you can have the 6 hectare mangrove forest as your backdrop. It is advisable to use some props during the photo shoot so that you can make use of the vast fields of the park.

27. Thian Hock Keng Temple


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Thian Hock Keng is a temple of happiness. If you want to have a wedding photo that will also symbolize happiness, it’s better to have the Thian Hock Keng Temple as the backdrop of your photograph. This temple is considered as the most important Hokkien temples that is situated in Singapore.

28. Fullerton Bay Hotel


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The scenic view at the Fullerton Bay hotel will surely add elegance and luxury to your photographs. As you have your photo session during the night time the colourful illumination of the lights in the night sky will definitely add a contemporary vibe to your photo. The dazzling lights of the horizon will also add warmth to the overall feel of your photo shoot.

29. Clarke Quay


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The shimmering lights of the buildings at Clark Quay quite resemble the stars that shine at night. Also, the picturesque view of the colourful buildings, cafes, antique houses, clubs and a lot more gives a sophisticated vibe to your wedding photographs. You can dress up like a party goer or a classy couples during your photo shoot.

30. Boat Quay


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Boat Quay is a perfect venue if you want to have a touch of contemporary Singapore to your photographs. The surrounding skyscrapers and its dazzling lights will definitely encapsulate sophistication and romance. The Boat Quay is located along the river, and is sandwiched between Clarke Quay and the Marina Bay Area.

31. Mount Faber


Courtesy of Faber Peak Singapore’s Facebook page

Mount Faber houses Singapore Cable car which provides you a panoramic bird’s eye view of Singapore. As you ride inside the cable car, you can have the skyline of Singapore, the harbour and Sentosa as the backdrop of you wedding shoot photographs. Your eyes will surely be filled with magnificent views of Singapore and you will be assured that there will be no dull scenes in your photos.

32. Fort Canning Park


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Add a dash of ardour to your wedding photo shoot by booking in at Fort Canning Park. The park is filled with colonial structure together with a lush green garden in the center of the city. This venue is a magnificent spot to take pictures for the busy people along the street can accentuate your photographs. During the night time, the lights coming from the building and cars can add a a busy yet romantic feel to your wedding pictures.

33. Pulau Ubin Village

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Having your photo shoot at Pulau Ubin Village is perfect if you want to have a country styled photograph. This place magically teleports you to the past for its 1960 look wherein you can notice the old wooden houses. This is perfect if you are planning to have a vintage themed pre wedding photo shoot.

34. Red Dot Design Museum


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The Red Dot Design Museum gives will definitely mark your photographs with style, vigour and fierceness. The tomato-red building will add spice to your pre-nup photos. You can wear white colored outfits to perfectly match the color of the building. You can also play with colors by dressing up in wild vivid colors and carrying props that could also complement the color of the museum.

35. Resorts World, Sentosa


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The Resorts World Sentosa adds a granoise vibe to your wedding photos. This venue is equipped with world-renowned architectural design. You can have 6 different themes in this resort for they also have 6 unique resorts in this place. Thus, if you are planning to have a sophisticated pre-nuptial photos, have it taken at Resorts World Sentosa.

36. Armenian Church


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The classic white Armenian Church enhances the vibe of your photographs by incorporating a dash of purity and calmness to your photograph. The lush garden as you enter the church also adds a romantic fairy tale vibe to your pictures. As you enter inside the Church, your photographs will surely be astonishing for it will have a classic and solemn touch.

37. Esplanade


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The unique architectural design of the Esplanade gives off a contemporary, up to date and exotic atmosphere to your wedding photos. Also, your pre-nuptial photo will surely have a distinctive Singaporean appeal for the Esplanade is known as one of Singapore’s finest architectural works.

38. Chinese Garden


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The Chinese Garden adds a touch of ancient Chinese spirit to your wedding photographs. With its imperial and majestic design and astonishing view of nearby sea it will surely calm your soul as you see your photographs. The Chinese Garden is equipped with luxurious looking pagodas that were built to harmonize with the normal surroundings.

39. Wangz Hotel


Courtesy of Wangz Hotel’s Facebook page

Wangz hotel gives a dash of sophistication and futuristic look to your photographs. This hotel is located at the heart of Tiong Bahru. This venue is ideal if you are planning to have a Sci-fi themed photo shoot wherein you can dress up as a humanoid just to have a fun and exciting twist to your pre-nuptial photos.

40. Helix Bridge


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The architectural design of the Helix Bridge together with the Marina Sands as a backdrop will surely embark a grandiose impression to your photographs. This unique bridge is said to bring fort prosperity, happiness and wealth to Marina Bay. Wouldn’t it be spectacular to use this bridge as you wedding photo shoot venue. Who knows, this would also bring you prosperity and happiness.

41. Masjid Sultan Mosque


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The Masjid Sultan Mosque is filled with lavishing architectural design that possesses an Islamic-Saracenic, your photographs will surely have a luxurious vibe as the massive golden dome of the mosque appears in your snapshots. You will surely admire the base of the dome for it is made out of many glass bottles. This location is great if you want to add a dash of culture and religion to your pre-wedding or wedding photographs. In your photo session, you can dress and act as a tourist as you roam around the Mosque.

42. Parkview Square


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Singapore’s Gotham City or also known as the Parkview Square offers an extravagant, classy and passionate touch to your wedding pictures. The astonishing colossal rise building can also serve as a symbol of your unwavering and solid love for your partner. The ornament statues together with the eight enormous statutes of men that hold a sphere of light may serve as your backdrop.

43. Mica Building


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If you want to have a sassy and flamboyant feel to your photographs, you can have your phot shoot at Mica Building. This location is advisable if you are planning to have a pastel or playful concept in your pre-wedding photo shoot. This building can surely unleash your creative side. The lively exterior makes it a pleasant place for photo shoots.

44. Gallery Hotel


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If you want to have a contemporary and frisky touch to your wedding snapshots, you can choose Gallery Hotel as the location of your pictorial. With the post-modern and flashy architectural design of the building, it will certainly give an extraordinary appeal to your shots.

45. Dalhousie Obelisk


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The Dalhouise Oblelisk is filled with history and symbolism. The monument may appear to be very unassuming but this location will definitely add a sprint of antiquity to your snapshots. The four embellished pinnacle lamps in the corners can add a luxurious feel to your shots. Moreover, the lush greeneries in the surrounding can add a relaxing and refreshing vibe to your pictures.

46. Capella Singapore


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This location possesses a vast, serene and bewildering landscape. Capella Singapore will surely add a splash of class and contemporary look to your snapshots. There is no dull angle in this resort for it is filled with vivacious sceneries may it be in the 30-acre lush greenery, inside the building or in the swimming pool. This venue will definitely add a divine and fairy tale vibe to your snapshots.

47. Gardens By The Bay


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Garden by the bay is filled with breath-taking and mesmerising sceneries. Just imagine the sparkling lights of the Supertrees or the lavishing flowers at the Flower Dome as they appear in your snapshots. This location will definitely add some fairy tale and romantic feel to your pre-wedding or wedding photographs. If you are aiming for a passionate feel in your photographs, it is ideal to schedule your photo shoot at night, for the shimmering lights at the Gardens by the Bay will surely take your breath away. Moreover, if you opt to showcase the vibrant flowers at the gardens, schedule your photo shoot early in the morning.

48. East Coast Park


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East Cost Park can certainly add a summery feel to your pictures for this has a beachside location. This spot is perfect if you want to conduct your photo session during late afternoon for there is a natural romantic lighting. After your photo shoot, you can stroll around the bars or eat at nearby restaurants. You can also have your photo shoot at nearby carnivals.

49. Pulau Hantu


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If you planning to have a water adventure themed pre-wedding photo shoot, you can have it at Pulau Hantu. This is a small island located at the south of Singapore. You can have your photo session at the lagoons or the pristine shoreline. If you are up for an adventure, you can go swimming, snorkelling or even scuba diving. If you don’t want to have sunburnt skin, be sure to apply some sun block before heading to Pulau Hantu.

50. Kranji Country Side


Courtesy of Kranji Countryside’s Facebook page

Kranji Country Side of also known as Singapore’s Wild West is a perfect place if you want to be surrounded with lush greeneries in your pre-wedding or wedding photographs. During your photo shoot, you can pretend as if you are a farmer or a tourist in the area. Moreover, you can also learn a lot of things at Kranji Countryside especially on farm practices. This place is definitely perfect if you want to have a naturalistic look in your wedding pictures.

51. Bukit Batok Nature Park


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Bukit Batok Nature Park is filled with breath-taking views, thus, it will surely give your wedding pictures a bewildering touch. This spot is advisable for couples who are adventurous and who want to experience the best of nature. There is also some look out points that is as high as a 10 storey building. During your photo shoot you can dress-up as a hiker or wear some cute rugged yet classy outfit.

52. St. John’s Island


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St. John’s Island can give you a lot of concepts for your photo shoot. You can wear your bikini and swimming trunks as you swim in one of the lagoons or wear your best picnic outfit. You can also experience adventure and excitement as you go dolphin spotting. In each photo session, make sure to wear your best smile so that your picture will stand out.

53. Orchidville


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Let the beauty of the orchids intertwine with your wedding pictures for they will definitely add a dash of splendor and lively look to your photographs. The beauty of the orchids in the Orchidville will surely mesmerize your eyes. Moreover, the gardens are magnificently landscaped thus, providing you with photo opportunities. This place is considered as the largest orchid farm in Singapore and occupies 43 hectares in Mandai Agrotechnology Park. After your photo shoot you can dine it at the Forrest. It is a rain-forest themed restaurant wherein you will feel refresh as you are surrounded with flourishing flowers and branches.

54. Nyee Phoe Flower Garden


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Revel around the Nyee Phoe Flower Garden as it will surely bring a rustic and natural feel to your wedding pictures. Since Nyee Phoe is a nursery garden, you can theme-up your wedding pictorial as young gardeners that are sprinkling some water to the plants or act as if you are enthusiastic tourists that are roaming around the area. You can carry some props such as balloons, parasol or signboards as you have your pictorials.

55. Chengtai Nursery


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If you want to have a refreshing and tranquil look to your photographs you can have your photo shoot at Chengtai Nursery. It is filled with lush greenery since it houses a lot of plants. Since the nursery covers 10 acres of land, you will surely have a lot of areas to conduct your photo shoot. The Chengtai Nursery is a perfect venue if you want to have a Zen feel to your snapshots. You may also carry some props for your photo shoot in this location.

56. Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom


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It will be a photo shoot filled with adventure and excitement if you will have your photo session at Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom. The 15,000 live butterflies at Butterfly Aviary will surely spice up the colours of your photographs and will magically add a dash of fairy tale and romance to your snapshots. There is no dull angle in the Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom. There are a lot of attractions in this place such as, Pupa House, Insect Kingdom Museum, Bird Animal and Butterfly Aviaries.

57. Marina Bay Golf Course


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Marina Bay Golf Course is the perfect spot if you want to have the Singapore Flyer, Marina Bay Sands and all other famous buildings in Singapore as your backdrop. This location offers a picturesque view of the horizon as well as the neighbouring buildings. If you want to have a vast open space for your photo shoot, Marina Bay Golf Course is suited for you. Since you are already in the golf club, you may dress up as a golfer during your photo shoot. You may also have jump shot pictures while the Marina Bay Sands serves as your backdrop.

58. Jurong Bird Park


Courtesy of Wildlife Reserves Singapore’s Facebook page

Jurong Bird Park possesses a lush green environment filled with vivacious chirping birds. If you opt to have a photograph which embodies nature at its best, you may choose Jurong Bird Park as the location for your wedding photo shoot. The brilliant colored birds as well as the tranquil ambiance of nature will surely make your picture stand out. Excitement will surely build up for animal lover couples as they get an opportunity to interact with the vibrant and enthusiastic birds at Jurong Bird Park.

59. Snow City


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The white chilly scenery at the Snow City will give your photographs an exciting feel. If you are opting to have a winter themed wedding, this location will suit you. You will have lots of White scenery and dozens of fun as you experience what if feels like to be in the snow. Moreover, your photo will definitely have a splash of thrill as you slide down on the three-storey high snow slope. Wear comfortable thick clothing for you will immerse yourself on a freezing temperature.

60. West Coast Park


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You can put more action to your photographs in West Coast Park. West Coast Park offers a lot of attractions and activities. You can have a romantic picture with your partner as he teaches you to bike at the Cycling area or you can have a cheerful fishing photograph with your partner. You may do whatever concept you have in mind. If you haven’t tried flying a kite yet, you may achieve it here. This location is suited for bubbly couples with playful theme photo shoot.

61. Orchard Road


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A buzzling street inhabited with luxurious stores and grand architectural designs. This photo shoot location will provide a touch of glamour and extravagance to your photographs. Moreover, if you decide to have your photo shoot at night, the lights from the buildings will accentuate your photographs and will add some romance and cosmopolitan touch to your snapshots.

62. Adventure Cove Waterpark


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If you want to have an infinite splashes of thrill and excitement to your wedding photographs, you might like to consider Adventure Cove Waterpark as a location for your photo shoot. This is a haven for couples who love to play around with water. You can have an intimate race at the Dueling Race. You may also have romantic picture as you and your partner try the Pipeline Plunge or the Spiral Splashout and many more. If you want to get up close and personal with stingrays, you can always go to the Ray Bay. These stingrays will surely add another glimmer of happy feel to your pictures. You might not notice that you are doing a photo shoot because you might get carried away on the wonderful attractions of this aquatic park.

63. Peranakan Museum


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If you want to have a majestic classical building as your backdrop, the Peranakan Museum is suitable for you. If you and your couples love history and culture you might like to visit this museum as this houses the finest collection of Peranakan objects. The white classical building can add class to your photograph. Moreover, after the photo session, you can enrich your knowledge by learning the culture of the Peranakans.

64. Marina Bay Sands Skypark


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With the luxurious and breath taking view at Marina Bay Sands Skypark your photographs will surely embody extravagance and modernistic feel. The infinity edge swimming pool and the astonishing view of Singapore will surely awe every person who sees your photographs. This place is haven for couples who love grandiose and breath-taking views. If you opt to have your photo shoot in this location, you might consider wearing some fancy and sophisticated looking clothes to match up with the scenery. If you want to take dip on the infinity pool, you can also wear your bikinis and swimming trunks.

65. Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve


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If want to experience a lush green scenery to you wedding photographs and go sightseeing for some migratory birds, Sungeu Buloh Wetland Reserve is a suitable place for you. You can incorporate the migratory birds to your pictures. Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve is rich in flora and fauna that will definitely give a soothing appeal to your photographs.

66. Crane Dance at Resorts World


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With the staggering light and display of the Crane, your pictures will imperatively have a majestic and regal appeal. The mesmerizing lights and sound effects will add a romantic feel to your wedding photograph. Moreover, these cranes will magically transform as real live birds in your photographs.

67. Wonder Full – The Light and Water Show


Courtesy of Marina Bay Sands’ Facebook page

The Light and Water Spectacular at the Marina Bay Sands will embark a luxurious, impressive and creative feel to your wedding photographs. Be sure to instruct your photographer to include the spectacular visual effects with intertwining lacers in your photos. If you opt to have the Wonder Full as your backdrop, be sure to be quick in your photo session for the show will only transpire for a timeframe of 13 minutes.

68. Sri Mariamman Temple


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If you want to get sentimental over the history and culture of Singapore, you can have your wedding photo shoot at Sri Mariamman Temple. This temple is the oldest Hindu temple in Singapore. The colourful exterior of the temple is ideal to serve as a background of your photo. You don’t have to pay for any admission, however, you are wished to pay for a donation if you are taking photographs within the premises of the temple.

69. Emerald Hill


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If you want to have a rustic and country look to your photographs, Emeral Hill is the place for you. The Emerald hill also possesses a rich history for this is the former residence of a lot of wealthy Peranakan family. Most of the homes have Chinese-Baroque architecture thus, this will definitely give an antique touch to your photographs.

70. Merlion Park


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If you want to have luck and at the same time put one of the famous attractions of Singapore to you wedding photograph, you can have Merlion Park as the venue of your photo shoot. It is ideal to schedule your photo shoot early in the morning or at night time. The sunrise will surely add a passionate feel to your wedding snapshots while the dazzling array of lights in the night time provides a classy and romantic feel to your photograph. This venue will surely give your wedding photo a distinct Singaporean taste.

71. Katong District


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Katong District will add a dash of British look to your pictures for most of the buildings in this area possess some British architectural designs. After the photo shoot you can try some nearby restaurants and cafes. Katong District is located in the East Coast of Singapore.

 72. Marina Barrage


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The Marina Barrage is suitable if you opt to have a sophisticated and refreshing look to your wedding photographs. In the night time, the dazzling lights of the Singapore flyer and the Central Business district will certainly add a romantic and soothing feel. It is ideal to conduct your photo shoot early in the morning or at night time to have a more romantic feel in the environment.

73. Istana Park


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Filled with tropical plants ranging from trees, shrubs and flowers, Istana Park will provide a romantic feel to your wedding pictures. Having the Istana, British designed palace, and fountain as the background of your photograph will definitely embark a grandiose impression to your pictures. As the night comes in, the place majestically transforms into a haven of photograph flawless lights.

74. 1-Altitude Gallery


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1-Altitude is known as the world’s highest alfresco bar. Your wedding picture will surely have a dash of luxury and glamour if you set this place as your photo shoot location. Since this bar is located at the 61st to 63rd floor of the Raffles Place, it gives you a 360 degrees view of Singapore. You can have the Singapore Flyer, Esplanade, Merlion and all the famous locations of Singapore as the background of your photograph. This place is ideal if you conduct your photo shoot during the night time for the lights at the city will surely accentuate your pictures.

75. Singapore Philatelic Museum


Courtesy of Singapore Philatelic Museum’s Facebook page

The Singapore Philatelic Museum arouses grandeur and possesses some colonial era architecture. This place is suitable if you have a wedding photo shoot concept of bubbly couples who loves to explore museums and who are fond of postage stamps and other interesting memorabilia’s.

76. St. Joseph’s Church


Courtesy of

The St. Joseph’s Church possesses a classical style that can add glamour and antiquity to your wedding photographs. This building is a perfect example of Gothic architecture. You can dress up as a conservative yet classy couple during the photo shoot. You may also bring some props to spice up your photo session.

77. Kusu Island


Courtesy of

You can have a summer themed photo shoot at Kusu Island and take photographs at the pristine beaches of Kusu Island, splurge into the blue lagoons or just enjoy the tranquil ambiance. This island is located 5.6km away from Singapore. Never forget to apply some sunblock during the photo shoot.

78. Malay Heritage Centre


Courtesy of

If you have photo shoot concept that wishes to cater the history, heritage and culture of Singapore, you might want to have your shoot at Malay Heritage Centre. It showcases Malay Singaporean’s history through exhibits, artefact multimedia and so much more.

79. Sakya Muni Buddha Gaya Temple


Courtesy of

The temple is renowned for its lavishing architectural design and is also recognized as the Temple of 1000 lights. If one of you is a Buddhist, you might try considering this temple as the location for your photo shoot. Moreover, as you walk inside the temple you will certainly be astonished with the infinite series of lights that surrounds the 15 meter high statue of Buddha.

80. Keppel Club


Courtesy of Keppel Club’s Facebook page

The Keppel Club provides various amenities which you can make use during your photo shoot. This location is ideal for couples who want to have a laid back yet contemporary approach to their photographs. You can set up your photo shoot at the clubhouse, mangrove, swimming pool, open spaces and many more. The positive side for this location is that the place is not congested compared to the other renowned spots in Singapore.

81. Robertson Quay


Courtesy of

If you want to have a laid back yet contemporary feel to your photographs you might like considering Robertson Quay as the location for your photo shoot. This location gives a refreshing view as this is along the Singapore River. During the night time, the lights coming from nearby buildings are reflected in the river thus, giving in a picturesque and tranquil view. After the photo shoot, you may satisfy your hunger at nearby bars and restaurants or be entertained at nearby performing arts houses and art galleries.

82. Singapore Air Force Museum


Courtesy of

If you have the love for helicopters and aircrafts, the Singapore Air Force Museum is the place for you. This location best fits if you have an aircraft, military or travel themed wedding. During your pre-wedding pictorial you may dress up as a pilot or a flight attendant or anything that may suit your taste.

83. Singapore Repertory Theatre


Courtesy of

Adding a dash of art and theatrical performance to your wedding picture would be appealing to the eyes. You may conduct your photo shoot at Singapore Repertory Theatre and dress up with class and art.

84. The Live Turtle and Tortoise Museum


Courtesy of The Live Turtle and Tortoise Museum of Singapore’s Facebook page

If you have the love for animals especially with the slow paced turtle and tortoise, you can have the Live Turtle and Tortoise Museum as the venue for your photo shoot. Your pictures will definitely have a serene and passionate ambiance. Inside the museum, you can see more than 150 live turtles and tortoise from more than 60 diverse species.

85. Empress Place Building


Courtesy of

With its British architectural work the Empress Place Building will add a dash of classic touch to your wedding pictures. You can dress up in vintage clothing dating back to the 19th century or you may also dress up in a fancy white dress and trousers so that it can complement the grandiose structure and color of the building.

86. Fountain of Wealth


Courtesy of

The Fountain of Wealth is considered as the largest fountain of the world and this fountain is nestled in Suntec City. At night time, this fountain emits a colourful ray of light which is very attractive in the photographs. You may also conduct your photo shoot when your message is displayed in the fountain through laser dedications.

87. InterContinental Singapore


Courtesy of

Set your photo shoot at a world-class hotel equipped with luxurious rooms and rooftop garden. Your pictures will definitely appear as luxurious as this hotel. You can choose from various spots in this hotel. If you want to have a fairy-tale like appeal in your photographs, you can have your photo session at the rooftop garden. The outdoor swimming is the right spot if you want to have wet look photographs.

88. Cavenagh Bridge


Courtesy of

The Cavenagh Bridge provides a refreshing and historic take to your photographs. This bridge is the one and only suspension bridge in Singapore. You can take some snapshots with your partner as you walk along this historic bridge. Moreover, the bridge provides a scenic view of nearby buildings.

89. Padang


Courtesy of

Padang offers the perfect spot if you want to have a photograph that has a juxtaposition of colossal buildings and green environment. Padang is located ate Downtown Core of Central Area in Singapore. You better have some props to add more life and excitement in your photographs.

90. Alkaff Bridge


Courtesy of

You can surely make use of your creative side during your photo shoot at the colourful Alkaff Bridge. You can dress up with vibrant colors to complement the graffiti-like paintings on the pedestrian bridge. You photo will surely be eye catching just like this bridge.

91. Anderson Bridge


Courtesy of

The Anderson Bridge is extraordinary since it is made from elaborate coat and metalwork combined with sophisticated arches. The elegant design of the Anderson Bridge will definitely add an elegant touch to your wedding photographs. It is a perfect location if you are opting to have a royal-themed wedding photo shoot.

92. Sculpture Square


Courtesy of Sculpture Square’s Facebook page

The Sculpture square provides a whimsical touch of art and sophistication to your photographs. You can have your photo shoot outside the orange colored chapel or on the extensive gardens and courtyards in the area.

93. Sembawang Park


Courtesy of

Sembwang Park is filled with lush greeneries and tranquil ambiance. This venue will surely sooth and calm your nerves. You don’t need to worry about the scourging heat of the sun for there are trees that will serve as a shade all throughout the photo shoot.

94. Maghain Aboth Synagogue


Courtesy of

The Maghain Aboth Synagogue serves as another location for couples who love to incorporate some history to their wedding pictures. This building is considered as the oldest synagogue in Southeast Asia.

95. ION Sky


Courtesy of

The ION Sky provides a picturesque view of Singapore that will surely add some spice to your wedding pictured. The ION Sky is located on the 55th and 56th floor. This location will embark a luxurious take to your wedding pictures.

96. Mandarin Oriental


Courtesy of

Mandarin Oriental is enclosed by famous attractions including the Marina Bay Sands. Be captivated with all the magnificent view and keep all the beautiful memories as you click-and-shot every moment with your beloved other.

97. The Forest By Wangz


Courtesy of The Forest’s Facebook page

The exterior of The Forest by Wangz is as attractive and appealing in the inside of the hotel. It has a sophisticated and luxurious interior that will look astonishing in your photographs. Moreover, you can also have your photo shoot in their fancy outdoor pool.

98. Punggol Lalang Field


Courtesy of

The tall grass and the nearby trees add a tranquil and laid back feel to your photographs. It is ideal to schedule your photo shoot during sunrise and sunset so that you will not experience the scourging heat of the sun. The Punggol Lalang Field is a great place if you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the busy life of Singapore.

99. Kranji Racecourse


Courtesy of

If you are fond of horses you may have your photo shoot at Kranji Racecourse. This is a racing field for pedigree horses. You may dress up as a cowboy or cowgirl during the photo shoot. You may use some props during the photo shoot.

100. Cenotaph


Courtesy of

The Cenotaph is another great venue for lovers who would like to incorporate some history to their wedding photographs. The Cenotaph is a war memorial and is nestled at the Esplanade Park. It commemorated the men who suffered during the World War II. This will serve as a great venue for you to conduct a photo shoot session for your thematic wedding.

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