Staying Healthy For Your Wedding

The months before your big day can have a very large impact to your mental and physical endurance. In other words, your health can take a big hit since you probably would be stressed over your wedding planning and have little time to rest and take care of yourself.

But no bride would want to be feel sick or, worse, look sick on her wedding day, right? So, below are some tips to help tide you through until your wedding is over.

Napping Bride

Sleep as much as you can

During the tough period leading up to your wedding day, you might want to stay up all night preparing and putting together favors or planning on the seating arrangement. However the best way should be to resume getting regular sleep of eight hours. This helps boost your immune system and will make you look and feel better. Try to find other things to occupy your mind before going to if you have trouble sleeping.

Maintain a Regular Diet

Starving yourself to lose a few pounds so that you will look your best during your wedding may seems like a good idea initially, but your body actually needs the nourishment to maintain the required physical and mental energy to keep you going with your busy schedule. Having a well-balanced diet consisting of vegetables, grains, fruits and proteins will keep you healthy and be in shape. Always keep snacks like crackers, energy bars or fruits with you so you can grab a bite on the run.

Good Hygiene Practices

A lot of common infections are easily spread from person to person, and many germs are found inhabiting areas such as knobs, keyboards, handles or even other people’s hands. It is important to wash your hands frequently with soap and water as this can greatly decrease the risk of illness by as much as 45 percent.

When washing, bear in mind to wash for at least 20 seconds and at the same time avoid touch your nose, mouth and eyes. It is recommended to use tissues or paper towels when exiting public toilets. In addition, keeping a small sanitizer in your purse is useful if you need to clean your hands but can’t find any sink close to you.

Take Your Vitamin Pills

Nowadays, eating a healthy diet might not provide the right amount of vitamins your body needs. Consider giving your body an additional boost by adding enough supplements to your daily routine during such stressful time. For example, vitamins A and C are known to prevent flu and cold, while research has shown that people who take garlic supplements daily were less likely to get a cold.

Reduce Daily Stress

Stress, as everyone knows, is unavoidable and stress on its own can bog you down and make you sick. There are studies that show the presence of stress actually promotes the releases of a hormone that hinders the immune system from functioning properly. In other words, no matter how busy you may be from daily work, shelf out some time to allow your body and mind to rest and recover. Nowadays, yoga is one of the most popular workout people practice to combat stress. Other relaxation methods like getting a massage and taking brief walk are also good.

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