Stephanie & Edwin – Love is in the Air

Featuring Newlyweds:
Stephanie Wong and Edwin Poh

Stef and Edwin exchanged vows on 22 March 2014


An Offer Over Coffee
In retrospect, it seems that Stef and Edwin were destined to be together. Starting from their days at NTU, both had liked each other and became close friends, and even their friends thought they looked lovely together. Yet despite admitting to finding each other attractive, both Stef and Edwin were constantly seeing other people – tellingly, Stef’s boyfriends hated him, and Edwin’s girlfriends hated her – and never hooked up themselves. After their graduation, Stef and Edwin remained close, both finding no luck in their previous relationships, which would make anyone wonder why the two just become a couple already?

Edwin was thinking the same thing one afternoon while having coffee with Stef, and so he asked, “Why haven’t we actually tried dating before?”

To this, Stef promptly replied by questioning Edwin’s sanity and pointing that being a couple would be risking the friendship that they’ve kept for so long. Thrice Edwin asked, and thrice Stef gave the same answer, and just when he was about to give up, Stef said that, well, maybe it isn’t such a bad idea to trade their friendship for something that could be a lot better. It was a moment that both of them wished would never end, and now that they’re married, is a moment they’ll share for the rest of their lives.

Heavenly Proposal

Being a licensed pilot with a love for flying lightweight planes, Edwin had a pretty good idea how to make his wedding proposal. The plan was simple: ask Stef to be his wife as he flies them over Perth, Australia. Executing the plan, however, was a lot more complicated. Among other problems, Edwin had to go through licensing bureaucracy, aircraft malfunctions, short-noticed requirements, and even the delivery of the license was supposed to go through snail mail – and all these he had to accomplish in secret so as to make the proposal a great surprise.

“I just wanted to give Stef something special, something that she would definitely remember, and so everything was made as secret as possible,” Edwin says, who apart from securing the flight, also had the engagement ring custom-made, prepared a proposal speech inspired by Grey’s Anatomy (a favourite show of Stef), and had everything recorded in photos by his best friend Jason. “If she said no to that,” Edwin jokes, “I thought I’ll just put the plane into a dive until she reconsidered.”

Of course, there was no hesitation from Stef this time. She recalls, “I was completely clueless and thought it was just a usual holiday with friends. But on the second day of our holiday, he took me to the skies and proposed. I was so engrossed with how close I was to the clouds that I didn’t even know what was going on until he showed me the ring. I was so, so happy. I said yes immediately.”

A Mix of Luck and Talent
When it came to planning their wedding, the couple says they were blessed for finding amazing vendors just through the Internet. Initially, all they knew was that they didn’t want the typical grand wedding, but rather just a cosy and intimate celebration with their family and dearest friends. While out exploring for their wedding venue, they chanced to dine on Skyve Wine Bistro, and thought it was perfect for their dream wedding.

Having secured the date and venue, everything else came in easily. The couple planned the wedding themselves, with Steph proving herself quite apt at managing and dealing with their wedding vendors. (Edwin believes that it’s Stef’s loving approach to the vendors that made them want to go the extra mile for them.) As for advice, Stef says that couples need to get to know their vendors and check their previous work, while Edwin recommends that both partners should be on board and excited about the event.

Stef and Edwin had nothing but praises for their wedding vendors who not only provided excellent work and service, but was also willing to take the extra mile for them. They had special praises for the wedding venue coordination team from Skyve Wine Bistro. Stephanie gushed, ‘What really sold us was Maggie, the manager. She is a real gem – patient, helpful and always going the extra mile for us.’

Unto the Next Chapter of Their Lives
Stef and Edwin’s wedding was a night full of laughter, delicious food, refreshing drinks, music and dancing. Making the occasion more special were some of their friends who personally made takeaway desserts for the guests, and other friends who went on stage to sing for the couple. Like the first time they committed to each that afternoon at the cafe, it was a time that they wished would go on forever. (If there’s anything the couple regrets that day, it was that they weren’t able to spend more time with each of their guests.)

Asked about any insights they’ve gained from their wedding, Stef advices that small acts of love – a kiss on the cheek, a simple love not – can go a long way to building intimacy between couples. Edwin adds that couples need to know both in their hearts and minds why they are marrying each other. “That way,” he says, “When the fights come and the feelings sour a little you’ll know that it’s just a minor bump in the road, and you still have a rock-solid conviction that the person you chose is the right one.”

Wedding Venue: Skyve Wine Bistro
Bridal Studio: La Mariee Wedding House
Groom’s Suit: Oxford Tailor
Engagement Ring: JannPaul Diamonds
Photography: Lightedpixels Pixies
Entertainment: Band on the Run
Wedding Décor: Wedding Diary
Make-up: Autelier Makeup

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