Stephanie & Yogananda – A Love Story Made in Sydney

Love comes when you least expect it.

Featuring Newly Weds:
Bride: Stephanie Sutjipto, Doctor
Groom: Yogananda Maspolim, Researcher

Tied the knot on: 24 November 2012

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Finding Love Away from Home

When Stephanie and Yogananda left Singapore for Australia to get their degrees neither knew that they were about to find something even greater – each other. While studying at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, the two met, hooked up and eventually fell in love with each other. And by the end of their stay in Sydney, they were carrying a steady relationship and ready to pursue both their professions and their love life.

A Valentine’s Day Proposal

Valentine’s Day is one of the most awaited events for couples around the world. A sweet day full of romance, it’s when sweethearts exchange tokens of their love and express their feelings for each other. Just like other couples, Yogananda and Stephanie also did those, except that Yogananda took it a few notches higher. As his token, he presented Stephanie a glittering ring, and to express his love, asked her to be his wife.

An Enchanted Photoshoot

The couple knew the value of photographs and so decided to invest on their pre-wedding photoshoots. They had two photoshoots with the help of Chris Ling Photography, with the first one at the photographers’ renowned studio. For their second, outdoor photographs they choose three different locations: St. Andrew’s Cathedral to give their photos a classic and vintage touch, the Singapore Flyer’s foodcourt for its oriental and majestic appeal, and Hort Park, which gave their photographs a scenic and serene ambiance.

Still wanting to keep more memories of such a special even of their lives, the couple decided to have another set of photoshoot, this time among their closest and dearest friends. For this shoot, Yogananda and Stephanie chose Marina Bay and the Botanical Garden to have a balance of whimsy and luxury in their photographs.

A Wedding Filled with Love

Held at the Regent Singapore, Stephanie and Yogananda’s big day was filled with laughter, tears of joy, and hearts that are full of thanks and love. Stephanie called it a wedding among friends as it was a union of their hearts as witnessed by the friends, family and loved ones who have followed their love story from the beginning.

The solemnisation and banquet were solemn and heart-warming, and yet still imbued with fun. One highlight of the event was a surprise dance number performed by the couple and their bridal party, which turned the warm atmosphere a lot more lively and exciting. Yogananda and Stephanie had put a lot of effort to make the cheerful dance number so that they can offer some entertainment to their guests. This comes in contrast to the very emotional solemnization that left everyone teary-eyed, and most of all the bride.

Another highlight of the wedding was the beautiful and dramatic video made by Beyond Pictures, which perfectly captured the feelings of the bride and groom for each other and about their wedding. The couple was full of praise, saying: “The final wedding video was excellent! It imbues the sacred yet fun atmosphere that we want of our wedding. They managed to catch the wedding decoration details and our emotions, packaging them into one memorable story!”


A Truly Memorable Wedding

Stephanie and Yogananda’s preparations for their wedding were all well-received by their guests. They received a lot of positive comments for the lovely ambiance of the affair and their surprise dance number. One elderly guest even told the couple that their wedding makes her want to have another wedding of her own. And if we shared the same love and joy that the couple displayed on their wedding day, we all would like to do the same.

Wedding Services:
Videographer: Beyond Pictures
Bridal Studio: Z Wedding
Suit: Z Wedding
Pre Wedding Photographer: Chris Ling Photography
Actual Day Photographer: Twins
Make up Artist: Z Wedding
Venue: Regent Singapore
Decor: Regent Singapore and Bloom

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