Stress Management in Wedding Planning

Stress is an unavoidable consequence of wedding planning. “Stress-free” couldn’t entirely be true because wedding planning will unavoidably cause any bride to release cortisol (the stress hormone) as they work their way around the tons of wedding details.

But it’s okay to be stressed, the important thing is that you can manage it. A lot of people may keep telling you to stay calm and avoid stress, saying that stress will only ruin your mood and get you off track in your wedding preparations. But the key to a successful wedding planning isn’t in avoiding stress, but in managing it and using it as a measure of your productivity. Here’s how you can do that:


Get started and get organized

The most challenging part of wedding planning is usually how to start, especially for carefree, spontaneous type of girls. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by everything you have to do. To avoid that, start by doing simple tasks, such as listing your prospective vendors or reading up on how to choose your wedding gown. Doing minor tasks first will give you a momentum to deal with the more challenging requirements of your dream wedding. Once you’ve prepped yourself, create a comprehensive wedding master plan or timeline to help you do everything you need to do on schedule.

Trust your own decisions

During your planning, you will most likely hear a lot of opinions about how you need to do one thing, and then another, and another. That can be really confusing, which is why it is important to remember that, at the end of the day, every decision you have to do is your call. Anyone can freely give their recommendations and referrals but it will always be your final say that will matter. Consider what people have to offer but make the decision on your own. It is your wedding so it is on your discretion which suggestions to follow and which to decline.

Give yourself a break

Don’t let you and your fiancé be consumed by all the preparations. Have some time together for a break. Even if just once a month, spend a night or a weekend without mentioning anything about the wedding, and just have some quality time as a couple. Go out for dinner or stay at home and watch a movie together. Spending time just being yourself will reduce your stress and it will remind you what all the preparations are for in the first place.


Keep yourself healthy

Make sure to keep yourself healthy and fit while you’re trying to lose weight. Never ever go on a crash diet to lose weight because it will only make you look haggard on your wedding. Have a proper exercise by doing cardio and weight training and strengthening your core through yoga or Pilates. Along with exercise, have a proper diet comprised. Make sure to eat foods that are rich in omega 3 oils, such as salmon, to balance your cortisol, and oatmeal to keep you calm and feeling good.

Remember its significance

More than anything else, never forget the sole purpose of all your wedding preparations – that is, you and your fiancé’s willingness to spend the rest of your lives together. Keep your communication lines open to each other and continuously check on how each of you are feeling amidst all the preparations. If you keep in mind what truly matters, no stress can wear you out. Instead, you’ll be motivated to pursue your dream wedding and make it happen.

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