Succulent Wedding Decorations

Air plants and succulents – the small, fleshy plants that we usually just leave alone in arid areas – can actually make excellent wedding decorations. Their unique shapes, affordability and ease of maintenance make them great choices for alternative wedding décor with a rustic, down-home appeal. Like the usual wedding flowers, succulents and air plants can be used for any type of wedding floral décor – from bouquets to centrepieces, boutonnieres to favours, and everything in between.


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Succulents, Air Plants and Cacti

Succulents have thick, fleshy stems and leaves, and commonly thrive in dry areas. Because their bodies store more water, they don’t wilt easily. Succulents are usually green with spiky leaves, but they also come in different colours, patterns and shapes. Because succulents can thrive with little water or care, even after they’ve been extracted, they can be prepared as wedding décor even up to a month before the big day. These also make them great as wedding favours.

Air Plants (Tillandsias) also come in a variety of shapes and colours. Like succulents, Tillandsias have fleshy stems. However, unlike the plump succulents, they have tendril-like leaves that are thin, sharp and long. They are similar to orchids in that they don’t grow on the ground, but rather hang down from tree branches or even rock surfaces.

Cacti are actually a type of succulent, but they’re much more familiar to the general public that we feel they deserve a special mention. Given that most cacti have sharp spines and thorns, using them as décor takes special care. The best way to use them is to put them in glass containers where they can look beautiful without posing any harm.


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How to Decorate with Succulents

Succulents, air plants and cacti as wedding décor will give the occasion a curious yet lightly cosy feel. Here are seven décor ideas for bridal couples who can’t get enough of these beautiful and unusual plants.

1. Succulent Bridal Bouquet

Combining succulent plants and a variety of air plants with scabious flower heads, herbs and berries makes for an earthy and sophisticated floral arrangement. This unique, texture filled bouquet will be alive long after the wedding day.

2. Miniature Succulents

Miniature succulents look cute and wonderful, making guests wanting to bring them home. The solution? Use them as your wedding favours. And they can double as place card holder too! China vases, mugs, exotic shells, tea cups, even tin cans (if you want a rustic look) can all be used as pots for your succulent giveaways.


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3. Succulent Filled Initials

Simply prop up succulent filled initials on a guest book table or in the lounge as a simple reminder of the day.

4. Book Planter with Succulents

A book planter filled with succulents and moss makes a simple yet striking rustic centrepiece. Put the planter on top of a pile of books and attach some moss to make it look as if the set grew naturally from the book. Other materials you’ll need are succulent soil, modgepodge, fabric flowers, cling wrap, and large vintage book.

5. Succulent Centrepiece

Use succulents, air plants, moss and lotus pads as the foundation for your table centrepieces. Punctuate it with light coloured plants, such as lady slipper orchids, hellebore or fritillary, to give the arrangement a softer look. Another example is an arrangement that resemble an English garden, where succulents and fiddleheads are mixed with roses and flowering oregano with a mauve tone.

For a rustic centrepiece, combine succulents and craspedia and put it atop a thick wood block with a vintage metal number leaning on the front side of the block.


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6. Decorative Wreath

Mix succulents with air plants, branches, fresh blooms, umbrella ferns and passion vines to make a sweet and agrestic decorative wreath. To create a more elaborate arrangement, add on some fern and succulent pew ends. This décor would look very lovely both as aisle liners and as the primary altar decoration. They can also be used to grace the doors of the church or the solemnisation venue.

7. Classic Confection

Decorate the classic white tier cake with sugar succulents. Add a soft earthy colour palette to the snowy canvas fondant for a more attractive cake. If you want, real succulents can also be used as features of a cake decoration. Adding succulents to a not-so-polished cake fondant, for example, can make the cake look more beautiful and oddly elegant.


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Not all brides-to-be may appreciate the beauty of succulents. But to those who do, they are such charming, humble plants that will give the wedding an additional layer of honest beauty. And not only are they uniquely attractive, they’re also the most affordable and eco-friendly wedding décor any bridal couple can use.

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