Suit Up: A Guide to the Groom’s Wedding Outfit

Being stylish and staying comfortable need not be so difficult


While dressing up the groom may not be as manifold as dressing the bride, it is still very important that the groom observe the basics of looking good while staying comfortable. Here we discuss the fine points grooms should watch out for when choosing their wedding outfit.

Dress for your body type

This is the basic of dressing: wear something that suits your body. If you’re a tall guy, and especially if your bride is on the short side, minimize your vertical lines by wearing shawl collar tuxedos with clean lines and no frills. If, however, you’d like to have more height, go with single breasted suits or athletic groom tuxedos with two or three button jackets. Long breasted jackets and black tuxedos make the body look slimmer, while double-breasted suits add more bulk.

Get the right fit

Whatever your body type, you wouldn’t look your best or feel comfortable unless your outfit fits you perfectly. The best advantage of getting your suit tailored instead of just renting it is you’re sure to get the right fit. When you get measured, make sure that your tailor or dressmaker also measures your upper arm and thighs, especially if you have a muscular built. Other than the fit, you should also check that the collar has just the right tightness, the cuffs and pants have just the right length, and that the jacket does not hamper your movement. It’s advisable that you try on and get a feel of your finished suit at least two weeks before the wedding so that if there are any parts that are too tight or too loose, there will still be enough time to have them altered.

Keep it classy

The days of frilly suits are over, so it’s best just to leave those off of your wedding outfit. A tuxedo is your best choice for a formal wedding – it’s elegant and the look is just classic. For a less formal wedding, a suit will be more appropriate, but your outfit should still observe a certain level of formality and charm. To get a classy, stylish look, wear a suit or tuxedo with clean, sharp cuts and make sure that the jacket matches the pants. You should inform the store or dressmaker where you’re getting your outfit about the type of your wedding as most of them here in Singapore can advise you on which style will be more appropriate for your wedding.

Accessories complete the look

The groom’s attire may seem simple when compared to the bride’s, but guys still have a lot of options on how to accessorize their outfit. Your accessories will consist of a neckwear (either a necktie or bow tie), a waist coat or vest, cufflinks and the optional studs. Wearing a bowtie is ideal for very formal weddings, while neckties offer versatility (plain means more formal, while unusual patterns means less so). You can also put a personal touch to your attire through your choice of vest – black and white is considered classical, but your vest can have the same color as your wedding theme. Studs are jewelry pieces that you can use on your suit instead of the usual buttons.

Staying comfortable

While you will not be wearing your usual clothes on your wedding, you don’t have to be uncomfortable on your groom’s outfit. When buying your outfit or having it made, make sure to choose a fabric that you will feel comfortable wearing for six to eight hours. As Singapore is a tropical country, you’d best avoid heavy wool suits and opt for linen or silk. If you perspire heavily, it’s probably good to bring a second shirt that you can change to in between the ceremony and the reception. Your footwear is also important – make sure that it has a good fit and that you are comfortable walking on it.

Although the groom’s attire may not get as much attention as the bridal gown, it is still essential that the groom look dashing on his wedding outfit and that he be comfortable in it. Your wedding will be one of the most important day of your life, man – you better have it looking good and feeling cool.

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