Summertime Blooms: The 10 Best Flowers for a Summer Wedding

One of the perks in marrying during the summer season is that flowers are a lot more affordable than any other time of the year. Plus, there are more varieties to choose from, which you can combine in any number of arrangement that you want for your bouquet and floral décor.

That, however, can be quite disadvantageous if you’re not sure about which blooms would look great for your summer wedding. But with a little knowledge on some of the popular summer flowers, you can enjoy picking and combining various flowers to bring your wedding to a full bloom in the season of the sun!

1.   Calla Lilies

These are arguably the best variety of lilies for your bouquet as their pollens do not get on your dress, which is a common problem in other lily varieties. The structure and texture of the petals makes calla lilies’ silk version appear realistic. White calla lilies are a popular choice for weddings. But if you prefer a modern and elegant take on your bouquet and arrangements, you can opt for its deep and rich purple or burgundy colors. Meanwhile, the sweet and fresh peach and yellow colors are perfect if you’re having a laid-back outdoor wedding.


2.   Carnation

Perhaps the most versatile flower for weddings, carnation come in almost any shade and color. This flower has voluminous blooms that are mildly scented, perfect for the wedding bouquet and centerpieces. A single bloom will also look lovely as a boutonniere. Carnations look lovely with hydrangeas and roses and are more affordable than most wedding flowers in season for summer. You can save a lot by using these flowers for your arrangements as they are quite full, and therefore you wouldn’t need so many of them. With only a few blooms, carnations can amply fill your wedding floral needs.


3.   Chrysanthemum

Its name literally means “golden flower”, and it is a symbol of abundance, truth, and wealth. What is most wonderful about the chrysanthemum is that it can easily complement other flowers since it has no scent. It can blend well with roses, lilies, and gerberas for perfect summer wedding floral arrangements. The bright shades of these flowers are best for your summer wedding. They come in various shapes and sizes: from the modest daisy-like to the fist-sized pompom blooms, they work well in structuring arrangements for your bouquets, boutonnieres, and centrepieces.


4.   Gerbera Daisies

These South African blooms are becoming ever more popular in weddings because of their vibrant colors and simple beauty. They are in-season not only during summer but almost all year round. And they’re even very affordable. Each flower can make a bold statement across your wedding details: from centerpieces to boutonnieres and wedding stationery. Gerberas are also long-lasting so you are spared from the hassle of keeping them fresh throughout your big day. These flowers symbolize loyalty, innocence, charm, and cheerfulness.


5.   Hydrangea

Whether you want them big, bold, and vibrant or subtle, sweet, and rustic, hydrangeas can surely create a wonderful impact on your wedding ambience. Its big blooms can help you save on your budget as you need not purchase a lot since they can easily fill up the arrangements and bouquets. You can have single-colored hydrangeas as your centrepieces for modern and sophisticated take, or you can combine them with other blooms in complementing shades for rich and luxurious arrangements.


6.   Jasmine

Make your wedding memorable not only by its image but also by its fragrance. With Jasmine in your floral decor, bouquets, and even accessory (think a strand of Jasmine’s delicate blossoms as headpiece) it can give you a chic garden wedding that will not only look lovely but smell beautifully as well. Its feathery vines will give a wonderful texture to your bouquet and a handpicked look to it, creating a rustic and romantic vibe. This flower is associated with grace, elegance, and love, which are highly welcome in a wedding.


7.   Lilac

Symbolically, lilacs suggest confidence, youth, humility, and beauty. This flower has a strong fragrance that is a contrast to its delicate look and shade. When combined with flowers that have a deeper purple color, it creates a rich and luxurious look for your wedding. Lilacs can also be vibrant and fresh with bright yellow or orange blooms. While combining lilacs with light green, pink, blue, and white flowers creates a more subtle and sweet look for your arrangements. With such a playful color palette for your wedding, the possibilities are endless.


8.   Orchid

Orchids are admittedly pricey, but you can still have them at your wedding even if you’re under a tight budget. Don’t include them in your venue décor, where they won’t get much appreciation anyway. Instead, have these tropical blooms in your bouquet or even as a hairpiece. What’s also great about orchids is that a single flower can create a huge impact so it isn’t necessary to order a lot. With its variety of colors and sizes, and symbolism of beauty, orchids create a big statement in your wedding. Orchids are also resistant to heat and moisture loss, although they need to be handled well in order to avoid its petals from bruising.


9.   Rose

This is a classic choice of flowers not just in weddings but in almost anything that flowers are needed. Most varieties are expensive, but one of the great things about summer weddings is that roses are more affordable during the season. Roses can make a great impact either on their own or combined with other flowers. For summer, the lighter pastel colors of roses are more appropriate for the season for a fresh and youthful look. Best of all, roses signify happiness and love – perfect for a wedding.


10.   Sunflowers

If having your wedding during summer is not enough to tell everyone that it’s your favourite time of the year, let the sunflowers express your joy and love for the season. You can have these vibrant flowers as your centrepieces or as chair decor. As venue décor, sunflowers are best paired with black-eyed Susan (also called brown betty or brown daisy). You can have a few stems of these flowers tied in a ribbon as your bridesmaids’ bouquet for a minimalist but vibrant look that’s perfect for an outdoor wedding.


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