Tents: A Great Way to Ensure a Great Outdoor Wedding

Using tents in setting up an outdoor wedding venue adds a level of aesthetic and practicality. In recent years, outdoor weddings have become popular, and therefore more couples are using tents and canopies to secure shelter for their guests in case of rain or blistering heat from the sun. From beaches to backyards, gardens to poolside areas, tents can provide coverage to any outdoor setting.

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For bridal couples, like you, it’s fun and exciting to imagine exchanging vows on a breezy shore and dance and have fun with all the important people in your lives under the stars and the moon. Also, imagine how much peace of mind you’ll have knowing that there’s a backup plan for your party in case of an unexpected downpour.

If you want a really romantic ambiance, you can go for an evening celebration under a majestic tent illuminated by fairy lights or Chinese lanterns. But to do this, you need make sure that it fits in your overall venue. Here’s how you can do that:

Getting Started

First of all, you need a structure that is safe and easy to assemble. The good thing is tents and canopies are now available in different forms, styles, and sizes, plus most of them features elegant structures, ample space, and blends seamlessly to any environment. Some tents can even be installed without interior poles to obstruct the view of your guests and table arrangement, thus offering maximum space and flexibility. For intimate gatherings, an upscale Capri-style tent is perfect for sheltering and adding allure to your fabulous party.

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Booking Your Vendor

It’s best if you could have an appointment with your tent supplier to come and check out your venue. Along with the venue coordinator, inspect the stability of the ground and look out for any underground vulnerabilities such as wells, water pipes or sprinkler lines, which may pose a hazard to the stability of your tent and the safety of your guests. If the area you chose is landscaped with grass, make sure that the sprinkler timers won’t turn on the waterworks in the middle of your event.

When confirming your reservation, make sure you’ve fully understood the terms and agreement stated in your contract. Read and understand each point in the contract, most especially the cancellation policy. In most cases, vendors allow refund if reservation is cancelled within an allotted time period. Any later than the agreed time frame, refund of initial deposit may no longer be granted.

Tent Rental Packages

Getting all your tents as a package – as opposed to getting them piecemeal – can greatly simplify the planning and organizing of your wedding venue. Most Singapore tent rental companies offer various types of wedding packages to suit the many and different needs of bridal couples. They often include the installation fee in the total price of the package, along with the rental fees of other party equipment, such as the tables, chairs, and linens.

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Heating and Cooling Equipment

If you’re having your wedding during the day, make sure to provide some ventilation system to keep everyone cool. Conversely, if you have an evening celebration, you should provide some heating units to keep your guests cool and in good spirits. Most tent rental companies in Singapore actually also provide portable air conditioners, floor and patio heaters with propane, outdoor heaters, battery operated misters, swamp coolers, and misting fans.


If your venue has uneven grounds, you need stabilize the flooring before you can set up your tents. However, this is an added expense to the tent rental fee, which is why most couples choose to only set up a dance floor or, sometimes, even none at all. If you do wish to install such, divide your number of guests by four to come up with a number of people you can expect to see at the dance floor at any given point during the party. Then, multiply that number by 10 to get the total square feet that you will need for your dance floor.

Doors and Side Walls

Tents can be installed with sidewalls to provide privacy and protect everyone in your wedding against extreme weather conditions. Tent suppliers usually offer three basic types of side walls: solid white, typically used by couples who want ultimate exclusivity and privacy; decorative multi-colored walls, which gives a unique and beautiful lighting effect; and clear vinyl, which lets in natural light. Doors are provided to let people come in and out if the tent will be covered with solid walls.

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Tent Décor

Tent rental companies can incorporate lighted sidewall windows, wooden floors and stages, and accessories like chandeliers, custom-made wood or glass tables, and hand painted table linens. You may also ask your tent provider if they can provide archways, latticework, gazebos, columns, wishing well, candelabras, aisle runners, and special lighting effects for a more dramatic outdoor wedding ambiance.

Types of Wedding Tents

• Pole Tents: These are the most common type of tent. It is supported with a couple of center and perimeter poles. Pole tents come in various colors and sizes, so you can be certain that you’ll find one suited for your wedding.

• Frame Tents: These are made to suit both outdoor or indoor installations. Frame tents are made of thick material stretched over an aluminum frame to make a structure that is free from middle poles.

• Canopy Tents: These tents are light and usually come in several varieties, but all serve the same purpose. They are typically used to cover the buffet table, wedding cake, gift table, and the like. Canopy tents usually don’t have sidewalls and are not meant for long term installations.

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Using tents for your outdoor wedding is a great way to protect everyone from unexpected rain. Besides the protection, tents add to the aesthetic value of the romantic setting of your event. Lastly, make sure to do all the necessary legwork and ask questions to your tent rental provider before finalizing your decision.

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