The Bridegroom’s Guide to Finding an MC

As the groom, it is your customary responsibility to find the emcee for your wedding. If you think this is a tough task, just think that’s it’s a lot easier than planning the entire wedding theme, which is normally your bride-to-be’s duty. And fret not, this might be even easier than you anticipate. While you can simply hire a friend or leave the decision to your wedding planner, you’ll make a more informed decision if you first consider the following:


1.   Referrals

Always begin with some information at hand. Ask your friends or your family and relatives if they happen to know of any professional emcee or perhaps someone who can actually host. Starting your search with referrals fine tunes your list of potential hosts. You can also get a testimony from someone you trust about a good service. A recommendation lets you consider only those who have good potential and spares you the time and effort in talking to wrong persons for the job.

2.   Visit a Toastmasters Club

Get in touch with a toastmasters club and see if you can have a list of professional event host from the group, or perhaps some recommendations on other members who have the potential to host. Anyone who is comfortable in delivering speeches in public has the potential to host a program. But that is not entirely an assurance. If you want a friend to host but he has no experience whatsoever in speaking in public, tag him along in your visit to the club so he can get some pointers.

3.   Get Contact Details of Previous MC’s

If you happen to be attending an event before your wedding, observe the host and see if you like how he does his job. If you do, get his or her contact details. If you have attended previous weddings and enjoyed how a particular emcee hosted, call up the friend who hired that emcee and ask for a referral. Experiencing the hosting capabilities of an emcee yourself is an advantage as it can help you make a more reliable decision.


4.   Discuss the Program

Once you have your host, present the program of your reception with him so that he will how you want it to go. Allow your host also to make his own input. This way you give him a leg room to manage the ceremony or reception with ease. Make sure that you’re both on the same page on what you want to happen such as how you would like to transition from one speech to another; or how you want certain guests to be recognized at the event.

5.   Introduce the Wedding Theme and Tone

In order for your host to know how to conduct the event and present himself to your guests, he must have a good understanding of your wedding theme. Tell him what the theme is all about and why you chose it. Share your interests as a couple and why you both decided on the theme. Inform your emcee as well about the formality of the event. He needs to know if it’s a formal dinner at a hotel or a casual lunch at a garden so that he can tailor his spiels to the tone of your wedding, as well as dress appropriately for it.

6.   Give an Overview of the Guests

Introduce your emcee to the kind of guests you are expecting. Inform him if there are dignitaries on your guest list that need acknowledgement during your reception. Give him a brief backgrounder on your relatives and your bride’s family and your friends to help him prepare himself on the kind of audience he’ll be facing. Let him know who the speakers are for the toast to help him with his introduction of them. If you have some very conservative or easily-offended guests, inform him as well so he can avoid delivering jokes that such guests might not like.


The following are some additional considerations:

7.   If You’re Hiring a Professional

If the host was recommended by the wedding planner, it’s still best if you can sit with them to discuss the essentials of your wedding. This way you get to meet the emcee yourself and assess if you are comfortable with him and if he appeals to you to host your wedding. See if there is rapport. Also, be sure to know how much talent fee the host is charging based on how long you need him for the program.

8.   If You’re Asking a Friend

Never ever corner a friend when asking him to host for your wedding. Before asking a friend, re-assess your closeness. Does he at least know how you two met and some highlights in your relationship? Also, you can tell by your friend’s personality if he will be comfortable hosting or not. So if you think that he can enjoy talking to all your friends and family on your wedding then go ahead and request. But if in any of those considerations you feel that he falls short, you might want to consider another friend.

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