The Bridegroom’s Guide to Pre-wedding Grooming

Your sense of masculinity may balk at the idea of extensive grooming, but that’s something you just have to do for your wedding. If you are not open to doing more than the usual grooming routine you already keep, remember that this is no ordinary day you’re preparing for – it’s your wedding! So look your best and, remember, you’re doing it for her. Below are some pointers you can follow:


1.   The Mane Issue

Get a haircut without going wild with styling or you might end up with a look that is not what she fell in love with. Have the haircut at least a month before your wedding to give your hair some time to grow back, just in case the new cut doesn’t work. Get a short trim a week before your wedding.

Get a professional shave for a clean sexy look. She may have fallen for your rugged handsomeness, but for your wedding, she’d love a cleaner, more sophisticated look. After dealing with your mane and beard, please do not forget these two words: nose hair. Trim away and make sure none is visible!

2.   All Eyes on Your Smile… and Hands

You’re best accessory to your suit are your pearly whites. See your dentist and get some work done to bring out that smile of yours that melted her heart. Get your teeth whitened two weeks before your wedding so you can flash a stunning smile for the cameras.

Normally, no one cares about how your hands look, but people will notice it on your wedding. So show them that you have clean hands with well-trimmed nails. You can even get a professional manicure if you want. Just steer away from using any polish on your nails.

3.   Your Weapon of Choice: Clear Skin

If your genes gave you the natural glow of a clear skin, then you can skip this part. You wouldn’t need much grooming for something you’re born with. Just keep it fresh and clean.


Otherwise, our tip for you is get a facial. If your skin is oily, pimply and heady (has lots of blackheads and whiteheads), soap and water won’t be enough. Go straight to a dermatologist recommended by a friend or by your fiancé. Do this a month before your wedding to avoid swelling and redness on your face when you say your “I do.” If your skin is quite sensitive, you should see the derma as soon as possible.

4.   You Want to be… a Macho Man!

Start working out at least a month before your wedding. Jog every day, do your crunches, and get buffed for your wedding. You want to tone your shoulder, chest, and abs to look dashing in your suit. If you have no specific workout yet, then get a trainer to help you get started and target those key areas to get them toned in s short time.  However, do not overdo your exercises. God forbid anyone should confuse the groom with the bouncer.


5.   Be 007 in Your Suit

Although your suit may not get as much attention as your bride’s gown, that doesn’t mean you can just wear any suit that you want. What you wear still needs to complement your bride’s attire, as well as your wedding theme. Apart from choosing the right style, your suit will look better if it is tailored to fit your form. That makes your suit fitting as crucial as your bride’s.

Have at least two fitting appointments with the tailor: the first at least a month before the wedding, and the second at least a week before for any final adjustments. You might need alterations especially if you work out as your measurements can change accordingly.

These grooming tips are made simple for you to follow without getting in the way of your other responsibilities for the wedding. Make sure to follow them and you will be your handsomest self on your wedding day.

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